Sam Kemp Had a great time and then Proposed Marriage in York

There was a interesting evening meeting at York Racecourse so we though why not, lets go, it could be fun. Well quite frankly fun isnt the half of it. You ahve a great little city there and we will be coming back to visit York again very soon. The evening at the races was one of the first in living memory for me. It doesnt happen often I am told but when it did it was the perfect opertunity to get away from it all for a few days. That is exactly what we did. Parking at our hotel the Novotel in York was not a problem as they had a huge car park out front the building. Once we had settled in at about 2pm we got ready and ordered our taxi immediately to get us there for 7pm. This was a good move as the taxi lady said that booking were going ballistic.

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We had had a bite to eat on the way thus were not really looking to get anything to eat but just wanted to know where we could go with a couple of hours spare. The people on the desk were very helpful and told us if we went down the road toward town there was a monument and of course pubs and shops to see and play in. Thus, off we went to see the wonders of Clifford's tower. Just around the corner from this there are a number of pubs and also quite a lovely shopping precinct called Coppergate. With a couple of hours we had enough time to have a look at all these and then head back to get our taxi.

We got back got the taxi and were off to the racecourse. Well what a great evening. Although thunder storms had been forecast they certainly got it wrong this time for York. This one of the few times can say thanks to the weathermen for getting the forecast wrong, but, there we have it. The races were great all evening and we did end up about even on the day. The atmosphere was very present and relaxed and after a good evening out like that one can only go for a drink. We did. Headed off toward town which was a bit of a walk from the Knavesmire racecourse but there were plenty of pubs on the way. All of them were quite full but once again it was a good atmosphere none of the rabble that you sometimes get at some of the race meetings.

After all this it was finally time for bed. I took Sally, my girlfriend by that hand and we wandered through the streets towards our hotel. As we once again passed by the tower. We stopped. There was a glorious and loving embrace in the moonlight and I did it. Went down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. Well she was over come. It took her what seemed to be an age to answer in tears, "Yes or course Sam, I would be so happy to spend the rest of my life with you."

We were both in tears of passion by this point and it was to much to ask to tear myself away from her tender lips. In love and in our own little world of love in York. Thanks for making it all possible guys. I never knew how I was going to ask and now I know. To propose marriage in York is THE way to do it.

Sam Kemp