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Monteys Rock Cafe Bar Micklegate York UK - Reviews

Five star rating image Edd Thorpe email us saying: bin drinkin there for years a great night out in a great atmosphere the staff are friendly and always talk and join in with the customers love the flaming blue lambougini

Five star rating image Kathryn told us: I LOVE MONTEYS!!!!!! Undeniably the best pub in York! I agree one quite section of the room would be good on a weekday! but great atmosphere and great service! and even greater cocktails! Including a good couple of pages worth of creamy ones! Not good for your waistline! But super tastey! Oh and ask for the barman known as stretch! Man that boy can do some weird stuff with his face!!

Four star rating image Yvonne Downey told us: I had a visit to York and went to Monteys. I really enjoyed it. It was great on the saturday night also nice and quite during week. The lovely cute bar staff are really nice and chatting.

We also recently got an anonymous message telling us: 7pm till 9pm every night is 2 for 1 and 5 shots for a fiver if your wanting a cheap night in an awesome place.

Five star rating image Webmasters review: I had been hearing about this place for some time thus when an opportunity showed up to check it out I did so. Turned out to be a good experience that I will repeat. I like rock music I like beer .. cant go wrong at Montey's. On entering good looking and well trained professional staff were a bit hurried in their work but they were definitely serving. Bar with 10 people at it 3 behind it serving up cocktails and other drinks and they really were motoring. I went into a bit of a daydream as I have a tendency to do and found myself awaken by a girl nearly yelling at me asking me what I wanted. I shook my head and bellowed back 2 pints of Fosters, which arrived pretty promptly.

The line that comes to mind when staff are working that hard, as I did myself 20 years back or so, is "Ride that bike like you stole it!"

A quick look round and it looked very much like a rock bar. Pics on the wall of rock gods all around and some heavy stuff coming out the speakers. Well Metallica would I am sure have felt at home having a beer here just as did I.

The beers arrived and it was happy hour so I got some change from 4 pounds for two pints of lager which isn't bad for a town pub.

Things NOT to do in Montey's York!

Picture of sleeping customer who got autographed!

Dont pass out! Your mates may well sign your face and the bar staff will do so once you have become a "local".

I had a quick look at the menu and it seems they have a quite comprehensive cocktail and iced tea menu. A very good for the ladies on a night out in town. When it is busy on a weekend you may have to watch who's hand is going where when at the bar but the atmosphere there was with only about 30 people in the place was cool.

I must again mention how attentive and pro the bar staff were. Thanks guys .. it isn't often you can go in a bar for the first time and get what you want when you want it. My only criticism would be no where that does not have a speaker in it thus if you are looking for a quiet pint .. best try somewhere else

They do a promotion on Tuesdays which is basically a 2 for 1 deal on some pints of beer and some cocktails. This is a good place to start the night if you fancy a session in Ziggy's Rock Night which is just down the road and open till 2am!

Please mention Hotels in York Ltd website when you call. Thanks.

Monteys Rock Cafe
129 Micklegate York, YO1 6LB
Telephone: 01904 624478

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