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The Red Lion York Pub in Merchantgate - Reviews

Five star rating imageD Allen and J Heseltine tell us: This pub is really friendly. They serve good food, children are made to feel really welcome. Nothing is too much trouble, they are always happy to serve you. When we stopped in york for the weekend, we made this our local. They have a really good atmosphere, friendly staff and good food. It is an excellent cozy pub, makes me wish Id been staying for the week.

Chloe Hutchinson emailed us saying: We thought the Red Loin was great. The food was delicious. Also we enjoyed the staff,they were very friendly. I recommend this pub for a family for a cheap night out.

Located on the corner of Merchantgate and Walmgate near the centre of town this old pub is hard to miss. Friendly staff serve good ale and good pub food here. This is said to be the oldest pub in York. Historic features in the building have been discovered during its refurbishment. Dick Turpin and another ghost are said to haunt it.

Good Hearty Pub Food and Drinks

When ever I have gone into this pub the greeting at the bar has been a friendly one. They serve a good selection of drinks as one would expect of a good olde English pub. The food is well cooked, quite well presented, tasty and served in good portions. Although it might not be considered a gastronomic delight, for a public house it is very good. A meal here wont cost you a fortune and will be filling. They serve at lunch time and early evening most nights.

One of the Oldest Pubs in York

This Grade Two listed building lays a very respectable claim to being the oldest pub in York. Parts of it are said to date back to the 15th Century. Originally it was entirely timbered. the lower floor was later rebuilt in brick.

A Historic Building - Fireplace and Priest Hole

During refurbishment, a 13th Century fireplace and bread oven were discovered. Also it had a priest-hole. Priest holes were common during the Reformation in the 16th Century. They gave cover, or an escape route, for traveling Catholic priests.

When horse and coach use was at its height, York was an important trade centre and stop-off point. Many of the larger inns, including this one, offered accommodation and stabling for travelers and farmers attending the markets.

Dick Turpin's Ghost

Others also made use of the priest hole. Dick Turpin is said to have used it as an escape route. The highwayman enjoyed the hospitality of the Inn and is said to haunt it. There is also said to be the ghost of a gentleman who plays the fruit machine at night when the pub is closed.

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The Red Lion
2, Merchantgate, York, YO1 9TU
Telephone: +44 (0) 1904 640418

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