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Five star rating imagePolly perez says: It's called the blue bell not the bluebell. In the Middle Ages there was a curfew when lights , candles and fires had to go out to prevent fire. The curfew was called by the ringing of a blue bell. The window of the pub shows a blue bell, not a bluebell.

Five star rating imageTina Williamson shares her thoughts saying: I consider the pub to be York's finest. Their Beer Festival was really impressive last year and the food served is lovely. It is not posh but it is very traditional.

Three star rating imageJoe mc tells us: I went here in February 2008. They had a fantastic all day Spanish breakfast on and it was brilliant! I went back in 2009 and they didn't do it? Such a shame. why when you have got something brilliant and unique do you have to change it? </grumbles and bit> Was 5 out of 5 now 3, sorry.

Kevin Ireson tells us: The Blue Bell is a lovely little pub near York's city centre. The people who drink here generally are friendly locals from York. Its compact rooms give you a real feel for what a pub used to be years ago. Good real ale is available here in good company.

One of the times I remember in here best is when Edith Pinder used to run the bar. The back room is very small and there was a small curtain, usually closed, to give the room some privacy. When you went up to the bar, you would open the curtain. You would then order your drinks, usually from Edith. You then returned to your seat, glasses in hand and sat down. As you said "Cheers!" and sipped your first mouthful, a hand would come round the bar and swiftly shut the curtains.

Lindsay Sawyers of York did some historic research and told us: Situated on Fossgate, the Blue Bell is one of the smallest pubs in York. When it dates from is a little hazy as there was another, older, Blue Bell on Fossgate (now gone). However, this one was certainly known to be a pub in 1790.

A Well Preserved Traditional English Pub in York

It also has an original and perfectly preserved interior. It is one of York's few representatives in CAMRA'S National Inventory of outstanding pub interiors. Additionally the Blue Bell was one of the York pubs to be given Grade II listed building status. The fittings and paneling that you see today are from refurbishment in 1903, when one George Robinson became landlord.

Landlord George Robinson Founder of York City Football Club

George Robinson was a great football fan. He hosted meetings resulting in the formation of York City's' first Football Club in 1922. He was elected as a director and treasurer to the club and in 1927. Subsequently they entered the Northern Division Three.

George died in 1948 and his wife took over, followed by his daughter Edith Pinder. She held the license until she retired in 1992. The licence was held by the same family for 89 years. This could well be the secret of this lovely little pub's appeal.

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The Blue Bell Inn
53 Fossgate York
North Yorkshire YO1 9TF
Telephone : 01904 654904


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