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Five star rating image Kevin Ireson reports: This is and has been the best pub on Micklegate for years and there is NO blaring music here! Good real ale, a nice wine list, great food and friendly service in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Your host Kevin, has been here winning awards and enjoying his work for years. This is a connoisseurs pub in the middle of the greatest pub crawl in Britain, the Micklegate Run.

Just People Chatting and Great Meals Served Hot With a Smile

Without a doubt this is the best pub on Micklegate York for those who like good real ale. But, that's just the start. One of the many things that makes this place stand out is there is NO music here. People come to socialise and chat to each other. Just like a pub used to be so, it is still in the modern day.

Should you go for a meal here you will be impressed at the Brasserie style meals they turn out for you daily. Seasonal produce is always available here. Also you wont miss any of the delightful comfort foods they have become renown for. So why not test them by going strait for those handmade pies and beer battered fish and chips. Good value deals are available during the week for 2 courses.

Good Size Dining Room and Pub Too

This pub and its restaurant has expanded with its success. It now covers two buildings next door to each other. The rooms on the left as you walk in is dedicated to dining until the kitchens close. The main rooms with the only bar in stretches back to allow for a good seating capacity in the public house.

Quality Real Ale in York

You wont find a better sample of any of the above in this area. Kev the manager has won awards from Camra (Campaign for Real Ale) for his beer with good reason. He and the staff here in general have a good knowledge of the products they sell. They are very happy to advise you if you tell them the sort of thing you like. Chances are they will have something to suit your tastes.

Super Wine List for Your Meal

I have been a wine drinker for a number of years. There is nothing a like better than a decently priced bottle to help in a pleasant night out. Some would say I like it a bit to much but there we have it. In Brigantes they have a the best selection of wines available in the area at a reasonable price. A nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is usually available on request along with a cheaper Chilean alternative. You also get a good selection of reds usually incorporating a premium Rioja and a cheaper Chilean Merlot.

this is just to sort of thing I am after. Some landlords will tell you know one buys the premium wines. I beg to differ. A premium wine with a meal is a really nice thing to enjoy. Once you have had one of course the cheaper alternatives will taste nicer anyway!

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The Brigantes
114 Micklegate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 6JX
Tel:+44 (0) 1904 675355


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