The Crystal Palace York - Sam Smiths Pub on Holgate Road - Reviews

Five star rating image Natasha tells us: This is an amazing pub full of joy an love and there is always a worm welcome. It is amazing! I love and so do every one else who goes into that pub and the other staff are amazing and kind.

A Local Pub For Locals and Visitors Alike

Three star rating image Kevin Ireson says: This really is a lovely local pub in York. It is 10 minutes walk outside the city walls, thus you get a genuine local crowd in here. It is a nice place to get a real essence of what York is like as a city. Traditions pub games, such as darts and dominoes, were played here for a number of years. Just like a local pub should be, visitors will be made welcome. A comfortable seat to enjoy your drink or a meal is usually available. Take home some of real York with a visit to a real pub.

Four star rating image P. Squires sent us in his review: The Crystal Palace on Holgate Road is another excellent Sam Smiths pub. The beer is always in good condition and the food excellent value for money. Just off Blossom street so a locals pub, always a friendly welcome. No smoking while food being served. Well worth a visit.

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The Crystal Place
66-68, Holgate Rd, York, YO24 4AB
Telephone: +44 (0) 1904 625305


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