Reviews of the Hole in the Wall Pub in High Petergate York

Three star rating image Kevin Ireson's review says: The Hole in the Wall is a classic, haunted, historic pub full of small rooms, nooks and crannies. It is located between the Minster and Bootham Bar on High Petergate. As it is owned by the rather large Marston's Brewery, they have a decent choice of ales and wines for you. They also have a food menu filled with pub classics.

A Classic Pub Filled With Pub Classics

The selection of ales and wines here is good. The owners Marstons have been around for a while. They now run over 1000 pubs around the country. So they know how to run them.

The selection of beers is good. There is a choice of the regulars from Marstons such as Pedigree, Jennings, Banks and as they own the Wychwood brand even Hobgoblin makes the occasional appearance. They do have a separate wine menu that is built to accompany the food they serve.

Can Someone Do Something About Those Haunting Footsteps?

There is a tale of this pub being haunted. To start with there was The first record of this was some builders renovating it found a mysterious tunnel way back in the 1800's. On inspection they were frightened by footsteps they heard in the tunnel and quickly bricked it up to solve the issue. However even today there are people who will swear they hear those footsteps echoing below the pub and its cellars. So tread carefully when you enter during the dark of night and keep your ears open.

A Compact Almost Intimate Space, But Not On The Weekend

The front bar is right in front of you as you enter. Which is always handy for a pub having a bar you can see as soon as you step through the door. There are tables left and right. The larger tables seating 6 comfortably or 8 very slim people. The smaller 2 people tables next to the raging fire are a nice touch. Although be warned, things can get quite steamy quite quickly if your lucky. There are also 2 smaller "rooms" at the rear. When I say rooms there are more enclaves really with a few tables in. But, the tables are tucked away out the gaze of the peering eyes of the main bar area. So you could have an intimate chat here but, not to intimate!

Weekends here are different though. With live music the place can get very full indeed. Also being on the way into and or out of town means even more people from passing trade. So be prepared to party, as when one person starts jumping to the beat, the whole place is jumping!

Pub Menu Offers Classic Pub Grub For Everyone.

The menu here is fill of simple but tasty and effective fare They served a lot of fish and chips when I was in last. The whale of a fish on the plate and the mountain of chips looked very nice. Unfortunatly I have not eaten here as I am on weight watchers at the moment. But, I promise you I wanted to! They did other dishes as well like sausage and mash, as well as shepherds pie. So if you like family favourites you will be in for a treat. Each and every person eating was smiling all the way through to the end with no complaints that I heard. So it must be OK.

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The Hole in the Wall
8 High Petergate York YO1 7EH
Telephone: 01904 634 468


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