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In late 2006 the Junction closed its doors. It was opened under new management shortly after this. I have not had opportunity to go in again but, as far as I am aware, live music is still being played here regularly. You can on a good night see the cues of people waiting to enter as you pass by on Leeman road. I will give some more details as they become available to me.

Kevin Ireson tells us: This was one of my local pubs for years. It is what I would call the friendliest of the three pubs in the Leeman Rd area. Good company good beer and enough space for some great live music.

History of the Junction

In the 90's and long before that this was called "the top club", as it was the top most of the three working men's clubs in the area. My friend Norma took me in here for a game of bingo once before it's conversion. It had a typical WMC layout with small and large rooms available. One for drinking and one for entertainment.

It's demise (along with all the other WMC's in Leeman Road) lead to it's conversion into a happening place for music and good food. The Sunday carvery has to get a mention you get here good quality food at a very reasonable price. Fill you plate full of Sunday roast for around 5 pounds. Can't be bad.

Live Music in Leeman Road

As a live music venue, this place is a very cordial meeting spot for those of you who like a good band. Staff and management have always been friendly and the locals that keep themselves to themselves. Have seen a few very good bands here in my time. The Kings of Queen did a couple of spots here and if you like looky likey soundy likey covers bands .. you would have enjoyed it too. Lots of good local circuit talent from Yorkshire here ... ring for details.

Leeman Road - A Local Impression

Leeman road is very much like an "Island" community. Norma once told me, when I first settled here in 1992 or there about, "You always know when there is a stranger on the Island." Well, I didn't think the place was really prepared for me. Yet, the time I spent here did lead me to meeting what I would call a good, tight, friendly local community. There were, as everywhere, a few odd and unfriendly ones but generally the folk here are OK.

Pub Management

There have been a number of good managers running the lace. Mick and his wife were local stars. They ran a good house and they cooked some good food. Quite community spirited. Their replacements, Paul and Katey, were also great hosts. Some of the parties they used to throw were awesome. The memories that flood back of one New Years eve in the Junction are great ones. I have never been to a better Rock Horror Picture Show themed event.

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

The Junction
Leeman Rd York YO26 4XH
Telephone: 01904 639979


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