The Minster Inn in York Marygate - Public and Local Reviews

Five star rating image Harry Porter tells us: Myself and good lady spent a week in York at the end of October. We frequently used the Minster Inn on way back to our hotel it was a great little pub friendly staff lovely open fire in bar area. Great choice of beers and spirits at a very reasonable prices will definitely go back when back to York.

Three star rating imageKevin Ireson says: Having spent a few good years drinking in here I think I can say I know the place. The landlord and landlady have changed a few times over the years but many of the locals remain. It is situated on Marygate in York. At lunch some sandwiches are available if you are hungry. Good ale and lager is always available. Each new generation of drinkers and owners change the atmosphere for a while, but it soon goes back to the pub it wants to be. That being a pleasant place, with nice people, small cosy chatty rooms and no loud music.

Although locals call this "The Minster" please do not confuse it with the greatest gothic cathedral in the world York Minster. This traditional pub is what I would call a refreshing change to the modern drinking house. It is perhaps suited to mature people, rather than young people on a night out.

Location - How to Find the Minster Inn

The pub is located on Marygate, which is a short walk out of town, down Bootham and turn left. This places it just outside the city walls. It is just very close to the North-West entrances of the museum gardens. Basically, if you follow the walls out of town from Bootham bar look for Marygate on your left. Go down Marygate and you should see the pub sign, about 1/2 way down before you reach the river.

Food and Drink

Sandwiches are the only food on offer last I was in but, they are enough to sort the tummy rumbles . There are good ales on hand pull and good fizzy stuff available too, if that's your tipple. There are usually two hand pumped ales available. These have changed over the year but the quality has not. You can ask for a top up without getting evil looks from the staff, as this is Yorkshire. We like beer with a head and so will you by the time you leave. There is a choice of two lagers at last count. Both of these tend to be drunk more by passing visitors during hot summers than locals.

A Chatty Pub with Little or No Music

There is no jukebox in the Minster Inn, but Radio 2 was often heard through a little sound system in the afternoons. This is a talkers pub really and as such I consider it a traditional pub. There are some nice locals and the Landlord and Landlady were always friendly. In the past it tended to be a haunt for council workers fleeing from their duties. However, we all need a break from it sometimes. I just wish I could take as much time off as 1/2 of these folks seem to be able to. (/wink @ locals reading this)

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The Minster Inn
24 Marygate, York YO30 7BH
Telephone: 01904 624499


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