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Three star rating image Kevin Ireson says: Having been to a Slug and Lettuce chain before I was well aware of what to expect here in York. Pub style food, without to much fuss and slightly over priced drinks, in a convivial atmosphere. I was not overly impressed but at least they let me in. I was wearing jeans and trainers, but it was a Wednesday. The food was OK. The drinks were served quite quickly, when you could get some attention from the staff. Not bad but nothing to write home about was my final conclusion. A school report might say "could do better".

One star rating image Willum says: My wife and I entered this pub / restaurant just after midday recently. Despite there only being 6 other people inside, we stood for 5 minutes before we were shown to a table.

While we consulted the menu, we asked for a coffee and glass of milk. This took 15 minutes to arrive. I ordered a Mexican burger, my wife salmon steak. These took a further 30 minutes to be served.

My burger was advertised as being served with french fries, salad and guacamole. The burger appeared on a huge plate at the other side of which was an over-sized tooth mug containing dry, salty chips and a tiny gherkin sliced in two and laid rather forlornly in an empty area of the plate. On searching for the salad and guacamole, I found them hiding inside the burger. It wouldn't have been half so bad if everything had been served on a smaller plate, but the large one made everything look rather pathetic.

The bill came to 23 pounds ( inluding a bowl of soup ). I'm really glad we dined there under a half-price voucher. I'd have been livid if I'd had to pay the full amount for this. If you want good value for money, try Wilde's just round the corner, or Oscar's across the street. We won't be back to the "Slog" and Lettuce again.

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The Slug and Lettuce
22 - 26 Back Swinegate
York YO1 2AY
Telephone: +44 (0) 1904 679900


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