The Roman Festival in York England UK

If you are looking for something to do in York that is fun for all the family you wont go far wrong visiting the York Roman Festival. Every year, with thanks to a few sponsors and lots of volunteers we manage to put together an event that is great fun for all. Not only those who visit York but those who take part have always has fun at this time of year. Summer time can be a pain with all the kids off school so why not bring them all along to keep them entertained./p>


There is a great long list of things happening and more of them are coming to our attention every day. To give you and idea of the sort of thing that's here for you here is a short list of events at the York Roman Festival.

  • There will be a procession of costumed actors that will be walking through the streets. Perfect parade for the kids to get a taste of Romans in York.
  • Gladiatorial Competitions - not quite the fight to the death that they used to be but still fun to watch!
  • Chariot Race - there will be a short chariot race more details as we get them.

The Roman have a great deal of history that is directly related to our fine city. This festival is used to hi light the many things that holidays in York have to offer. The many processions, music, dancing is here just for you to enjoy. So that is what we hope you will do when you visit us.