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This guide has been built with the help of people like you, who have enjoyed gastronomic delights in York. For a city of only 200,000 people, the number of restaurants here is quite extraordinary. This explosion has been helped along by the now world famous York Festival of Food and Drink. The festival is held every year in late summer / early autumn.

The reviews below have been sent in to us, or ones that a member of the team or I have produced, after being there to eat. There is a simple order to them; the newest review at the top, followed by those we like the best and others at the bottom.

If you have enjoyed a meal in York, then please don't forget to send us your review.

Reviews of Restaurants in York

Our 2 most recent reviews:

Three star rating image Turtle Bay York

Linda really didnt enjoy here experience here. Kevin says: Always a good night out in here. I just wish the food was hot when you got it!. Alannah says: Yea man! There is a good vibe as you enter the first Caribbean franchise to hit York with smiling staff and reggae playing. Good cocktails and food. Would be much better if the food was hotter when it arrived at your table.

Four star rating image Cote Brasserie York This is prodably the nicest chain restaurnt in York we know! Never had a bad meal and we have been heer many times!

The Best Restaurants in York Rated By Stars - 5 is Excellent

Five star rating image Meltons

Elizabeth Forbes says she had some great food for a reasonable price here, but shame on the waiting staff. Every time I have gone it has been top quality. 5 out of 5, one of the best in York in my opinion.

Five star rating image Delrios Italian

The more times you go the better this place seems to get. Never had a bad one it is always great food. Service sometimes is a little awkward as they dont always undrestand what we ordered in what order. But it is still always very tasty consistently!

4 Star Rated - Very Good Restaurants - We Will Go Back!

Four star rating image Cote Brasserie York Liz says she likes it, Kevin says it is a delightful bit of Paris in York. Enjoy classic French dishes at very good vlaue considering the good quality of food, staff and atmosphere.

Five star rating image Rustique Restaurant

Last time Jack went in he got a chocloate fondant that had set in the middle. Not great. David said it was worth top marks and good value. What more do you need from a good restaurant?

Four star rating image Old Siam York - Thai Restaurant

Tony Bennett was most impressed but was pleased they booked the table. Many reviews consider this to be one of the best Thai restaurants they have eaten in. It has a great feel and smell as you enter. When the food comes, it is even more of a delight.

Four star rating image Middlethorpe Hall Restaurant

Although the food is still great, Denise says it was not as "Divine!" as it used to be.

Four star rating image BoBo LoBo

Kevin B sent in a review saying the Latin American food and service was great. Also ending his night out in the bat downstairs was something he would do again.

Four star rating image The Olive Tree

Fraser tells us he would recommend this place to anyone. It has good quality food, a nice atmosphere and most of the time, you will get good service as well.

Four star rating image El Gaucho

Kevin tells us that this probably the best steak and best value steak in York

Four star rating image Ate O'Clock Restaurant

Mandi had a meal here and had to write in about it, she made it sound very tempting as a choice of places to eat in York.

3 Star Rated Means OK and Sometimes Good Value

Three star rating image Turtle Bay York

Kevin says: Always a good night out in here. I just wish the food was hot when you got it! Alannah says:a good vibe as you enter the first Caribbean franchise to hit York with smiling staff and reggae playing. Good cocktails and food. Would be much better if the food was hotter when it arrived at your table.

Three star rating imageLittle Italy

Kevin Ireson tells us: This nice Italian has been arounda long time and it is still thriving. Actually it has improved quite a lot over the years, if Im honest.

Three star rating imageLucia Wine Bar York

David says its good value and good food too. he will go back. Kevin thinks this is OK, not great but, quite good value.

Three star rating image Fiesta Latina

Mexican food restaurant in York, UK. With a good atmoshere, good food, good service all at a good price. What more do you need for a good night out?

Three star rating image 31 Castlegate

Nice ambiance, great service with a smile and freindly chat, good food that could have been great on another day.

Three star rating image Lo Spuntino York

For 2 of us midweek it was great. Service, atmosphere and food were all lovely. For 20 of us on a Saturday night the food and service was good. But we got the tables an hour after we had booked them! They could have done better.

Three star rating image Strada York

Kevin says: Quite a pleasant evening which was made by the attentive friendly staff. Food here is at a good price, of reasonable quality but, could be better.

Three star rating image Cosmo York

Lots of choice for one low price. This buffet style restaurant is pleasant food, cheap and cheerful. The experience here is similar to what you get on a cruise ship. Lots of people eating as much as they want for as long as they want to continue.

Three star rating image The Viceroy of India

An excellent tandoori restaurant. Fully licensed and has house specialities that will delight your taste buds. Very friendly, attentive staff and management.

Three star rating image The Habit Goodramgate York

John Jones said they have the best coffee in York here. Andrew Kronenbourg told us about this cafe, he seemed to like it a lot!

Three star rating image Cafe No.8 Gillygate

Zina says it may look like a cafe but it is restaurant quality food. Eric Davidson says this place is getting better and better. A small cafe on Gillygate that has had 5 different reviews over the years. All seem to say, it is a good un!

Three star rating image Oscars Wine Bar

Kevin says it is a good value for money meal here and thinks its OK. However, Paul went along recently and was not so happy.

Three star rating image Four High Petergate

Kes Webster gave us some restaurant critique about this Bistro located under York's walls.

Three star rating image Montys Grill York

Thanks go to Michael Forsyth for this review. It gives us some insight into good quality English Cuisine in York.

Three star rating image Cafe Concerto

Located at 21 High Petergate close to the city walls. Russell Butchers wrote us a short review.

Three star rating image The Grange Hotel Brasserie

Andrew Bound emailed us this comprehensive review of a York Brasserie. Thanks Andrew.

Three star rating image Frankie and Bennies York

Nice feel to the place good staff when it isn't to busy. They serve good, New York style, Italian food.

2 Star Rated Restaurants That Will Have to Improve Before We go Again

Two star rating image ASK

The building is lovely but, the food is only passable and the service can be appauling. They need to have somoene have a look at how bookings are taken and how many staff they have on, seriously.

The Spurriergate Centre - Restaurant with good food, housed in a 12th Century church with beautiful stone and stained glass features.

The Maltings - Details of this pub that serves good pub food, real ales, imported beers, wines and malt whiskeys.

Historic York Restuarants Now Closed

Four star rating image La Tasca

This chain closed down much to my disapointment. But it did turn into Las Iguanas which is not nad tbh. Ruth says she loves it and will be going for her next anniversary! Also Steve said he had a Top Night here.

Four star rating image Bennett's Bistro York

David thinks this place is really good. All the food was top quality as was the service.

Four star rating image The Limehouse in York

I used to quite enjoy meals here. It closed, was reopened by a York restaurant family (Silvano's) and promptly closed again. Mr Mrs. Alexander tells us this is a delightful place to eat York.

Five star rating image L'antica Locanda Italian Restaurant

Unfortunate times hit this once great eating establishiment. The owner worked hard for his success and i was sorry to hear Gianni had to close. It did get sold on to another owner. Great food, a great atmosphere and good service from a friendly host. All this and more makes for a fabulous night out in this small authentic Italian restaurant in the Shambles.

Three star rating image The Go Down Restaurant

I was never overly impressed in here with the qaulity of the food or the lackluster uninterested attitude of the owners. Unsurpriosingly it closed, quietly and peacefully. Good portions, reasonable food, pleasant service, good value for money. This will not be a great meal but it should be good. Dry main courses and mysterious congealed cinnamon masses didn't help to be honest. Could do better. I think we might have hit them on a bad day.

Three star rating imageCafe Rouge York

This and a number of other franchises parts of the same group fell during 2020 covid crisis. Kevin Ireson tells us: A good, well known French chain of restuarants that did produce the best chocolate fondant I have had in York. It ran onto the plate when I cut into it so well done there chef! TThe rest of the meal was OK but not great.

Four star rating image Bennetts Bistro A small intimate, romantic manu with one of the best views in York. Really tasty well prepared food and great service comes reasonably priced with a smile. We will be returning soon!

One star rating image Russells Restaurant Stonegate

This terrible place has now closed. When it was open it was pretty bad! Poor service and poor food when I went last, sorry and the bad reviews keep on coming in. A true gem, NOT!

Four star rating image Carluccios York

Such a shame this one closed just after Antonio Carluccio's death. After one OK meal that could have been so much better when they first opened, we revisited. Much better service, good food, nice beverages and a pleasent atmosphere. Just what you want from a good restaurant!

Four star rating image The Rose Restaurant

Good food, very nice decor, well trained staff and good food. Dress to impress.

Three star rating image The Living Room

This cocktail bar and restaurant was Lisa's choice of the day in the city.

Two star rating image Silvanos

Change of location and change of ownership. Unfortunately this service and food still need to be much improved. 5 people on a quiet night the experience could have been better.

Two star rating image The Waterfront Restaurant

Neil was not impressed at the menu. food or service here. Kay was even less impressed when the waitress caused a scene for her and her boyfriend!

Three star rating image Russells in Coppergate

No great loss when this dive shut I promise you. Pam really didnt like it at all here even though she used to many years ago. Patricia has sent us her thoughts on this York carvery.

Five star rating image J Baker's

Unfortunately this restaurant closed in July 2013. Farewell to the best Bistro in York. It had a good selection of modern English and European cuisine on the menu, using fresh local produce.

Three star rating image Harvilles

This once premium steak restaurant closed as part of a small entertainment empire all of which closed at the same time.

Three star rating image Rarity Restaurant

Looking for some surf and turf? Melanie told us about this steak and seafood place

Two star rating image The Mogul Tandoori

Now closed after some bad press and behavious by the owners. A late night tandoori can be had till very late here. Good if you are hungry after a drink at 2.30am.

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