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Cancellation Policy for Hotels in York Ltd

If you are concerned about a booking and or cancellation please contact us on 01904 338885. We will do what we can to clarify any details.

Steps to cancel a booking

  • Find and open the email we sent you confirming your reservation.
  • Scroll down the email to find the section about cancellations.
  • Click on the link in the email to go to the cancellations webpage.
  • Enter the PIN (which is on the top of the email we sent you)
  • Click on the button to cancel after you have made sure the details are correct (date of arrival, hotel name, room, etc.
  • When you check your email you should have a cancellation confirmation, similar to the booking confirmation. If you have not received a confirmation please call us on 01904 338885.

The policy about canceling should be explained to you on the booking confirmation you got from us. In most cases when you have booked a hotel online with us you should be able to cancel that booking using the email confirmation we sent you.

Policies may differ from hotel to hotel. Policies may also differ depending on what type of room you have reserved, what date you booked for and what date you booked on. Generally unless other wise stated on your email, or during the booking process you can cancel a booking 1 day before you are due to arrive without charge.

Please check during the booking process to be sure of the cancellation policy.

Contact us with your query via email (contact@york-united-kingdom.co.uk)
or by using this form.