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Cheap Nights Out in York UK.

The best cheap night out in the modern era has to be at Monteys Rock Bar. These nights have been up and running since 2006 and are still going strong. So thats Tuesdays and Monteys. I will see you there.

Yup that's what this page is all about. Kev and a few mates go mad on a boozy cruise through the streets of York UK. Me and a few chums have got a thing for cheap beer in pubs and clubs and well .. as we are doing it .. may as well let all you cheapskates know about it too. Monday in the Cross Keys goodramgate. Tuesday in Reflex, the 80's bar at the bottom of Micklegate. Wednesday a night off. Thursday Yates and The Bedroom.

THE CROSS KEYS .. Goodramgate York

Well its Monday ... 8th of September 2003 and we start our cheap booze frenzy at the cross keys. This pub has always been fun from when I first went in 15 years ago or so off my face and they let me play a talking heads cassette on their music system. Now, live bands in York play here and a cheap night out are all part and parcel of this great boozer. Friendly attentive staff and Landlady always there to help. Good food at reasonable cost. Went back on Monday 23 Feb 2004 and it was even more fun. You can tell by the look in thier eyes :P

This night was unfortunatly stopped. Niebouring pubs, who could not sell thier rubbish beer at full prices, complained and the liecencee at the time got a lot of stick. A great marketing idea by the then landlady sadly missed today. The police and licenecing athourities asked politely, "STOP IT OR WE ARE GONNA CLOSE YOU DOWN!"

cheap night at the Cross Keys


LOCATION: Inside the walls of York, mind you only just, you cant fail to find it easy. Go through MONKBAR into the city and strait on. The road come to a fork and the Cross Keys is the on that's on the island where the road splits. To the right you can walk strait to the Minster and to the left strait into town.

THE KEYSTONES ... Monk Bar York

WAS 100p A PINT in 2004!

Monday ... 9th of February 2004. Went out for a night and just happened to pop in here for a quick one. Found some beers on for a quid! Well the place was packed with young student types so if your over 30 you are gonna feel a bit old maybe but was fun. Bouncy atmosphere for a monday.
LOCATION: Just outside Monkbar if you go out through the gate it is on your right just on the corner. Cant miss it with the load noise of young folk enjoying themsleves really :)

Yup you guessed it. Another great night out for those of us not made of money closed down. It is getting harder and harder to find good cheap beer nights in York.


REFLEX Micklegate York

2 for 1 on Carling and 2 4 1 on bottles (alchopops)

OK now its Tuesday 9th Sept 2003 and we start this evening in Reflex. On entering seemed a nice place and you can see why they are calling this place the 80's bar. Good decor and the sounds of the 80's all around you with the occasional dvd thrown in if you get bored looking at all the talent. Talking of which a thanks to the girls from Mark's and Spencer's York for a great night down there (see photo). What's that song by Cyndi Lauper "Girls just wanna have fun" .. well can see where she is coming from after this night out. Formally know as The Northern Wall and Edwards York.

Reflex Micklgate also know as the 80s bar

Location: Well if you know York you know Micklegate. Reflex is at the bottom on the left. If you walk through Micklegate Bar and down the hill its on your left at the lights just before you come to Ouse bridge.

Wetherspoons Micklegate York

Cheap food and cheap beer maybe the motto of this establishment but on Thursday the 11 sept I can tell you the 1.70 for a pint of vinegar that was not good Guinness at all was although cheap not worth the money. Could not drink it so left. Mind you have been in here previously on a thursday for curry club. Its about 5 quid for a curry and a pint good value and ok if you are up for waiting for your food.

Yates's York not sure maybe Yates's Wine Lodge York

Tetley 1.45 a pint lots of other offers

Thursday 11th Sept 2003. Nice place some good offers on. Went in the door and I was sooooo surprised to see such a large room. Its stretches full length of the building with a bar to your right. All friendly staff and manager to. Music was up to date poppy stuff with a few older gems thrown in. Dance floor area and some lighting effects too. Music was not so loud that you could not speak over it. Made for a good atmosphere. A fun night here.