JORVIK VIKING FESTIVAL Friday 4 Feb 2005 - Sat 19 Feb York

Come with us on a trip back in time at the Jorvik Viking Festival in York, England.
It is AD 975, Erik Bloodaxe is long dead, and young King Edward is now on the throne. But all is not well in the north. The rule of Oslac, the new King's appointed northern Earl, has been challenged by the warlike Gunnarson - a noted leader of men - and blood will surely be shed.
You join us at a troubled time in the the capital of the North.
Can Oslac survive the challenge to his power, or will Gunnarson stage a bloody coup and take control, weakening the king's hand?
Experience the sights and sounds of history at first hand with a visit to this year's JORVIK Viking Festival - packed with fascinating, colourful events for all the family. Please don't forget to mention this site when booking. Thank you from Kevin Ireson.

Jorvik Viking Festival

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Every February the Vikings invade York. Usually at school 1/2 term.

So don't forget to bring the kids.

Mind them pointy hats and smelly cloaks now, in fact I saw a guy in a
chain mail hauberk just the other day!

Viking gear might become fashionable again you never know

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Welcome to the capital city of Yorkshire in Great Britain.