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Christmas Shopping in York for 2009 - Markets and Fayers

The St Nicolas Fayer is soon upon us, this is one not to be missed. Parliament St will be full of festive cheer and international market stalls. Late night shopping in town is on Thursdays. Out of town it started in November, Monks Cross says they are open 9pm to 9pm most days. Even if you are leaving it late, some shops will be open to server you on Christmas eve.

St Nicholas Fayre 26th to 29th of November 2009

Every year people love coming to to York to experience the St Nicholas Fayre. You know Christmas is just around the corner when this fayre come to York. Festive consumes on people running stalls, carol singers in the streets and festive food and drinks are on offer.

Parliament street (the main pedestrianised city centre shopping area) is a must when you are looking to buy traditional christmas gifts. Local Yorkshire produce is on offer at stalls in St Sampson's Square, at the very top of Parliament street.

There is also a craft market that is full of items "made in Yorkshire" in the Guildhall. Just follow Parliament street to St Sampson's Square look for the Lord Mayors (big red and white) Building and then follow the signs around the back.

You can also get to Stonegate easily from here. This medieval streets shops are not to be missed. Additionally, down one of the sickleways on Stonegate you will find Barley Hall. Here a medieval market takes place every year. However, don't forget to duck as you go through, snickelways were not built for tall people.

Parliament Street Christmas Fayer in York - 2nd of December until 20th of December 2009

All along Parliament Street good from around the world are available from stalls. This yearly event gives you a taste of the world on your Yorkshire doorstep. Many food stalls will be open until "late". They serve up splendid food and goods from around the world.

Late Night Shopping in York Christmas 2009

Thursday nights are late shopping nights in York. Doors of most shops will be open late from 26th November up until 17th December. Larger retail chains, such as M&S, tell us they will be open until 9pm on Thursdays during this period. Borders will also be open until 9pm from 26th of November. Please note: late opening in York at the discretion of local shop managers. Please contact the specific shop for specific details.

Late Night Shopping in York - Out of Town

Late night shopping starts early at Monks Cross. From Monday the 30th of November, we have been told the centre will be open 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Also it will be open even later on a Saturday, 9am to 7pm. Sundays are a shorter day with opening hours restricted to 11am in the morning to 5pm in the evening. Please note each retailer has their own schedule for the holiday season, but the centre will be open.

Disclaimer: we have done the research but cannot guarantee information here is accurate. For exact details of late night shopping in York please contact the retail outlet you want to go to directly.

Shopping on Christmas Eve

OK, so you have left it late. Very late, but maybe not too late. Some York shops maybe open on Christmas eve.

Most store should be open for a period of time on Christmas eve. If you want to leave your shopping late then phone the stores themselves before you set off.

Christmas Day: its all closed, except perhaps for some churches. Time to give it all away and get fat eating what there is left! Enjoy!

Welcome to christmas in York Yorkshire Great Britain.