About Us - About the Owners, Authors and Information We Publish

Who are the people who run this site and what sort of authority on the subject are they? We will address that question here and put your mind at ease. We know York and Yorkshire.

About the Company - Hotels in York

Hotels in York is a trading name of Ireson Computing. We use the ICmyhotel brand name to cover a number of different sites that we publish. We have been operating in York since we began as a company in 1989.

I am Kevin Ireson, the Managing Director. I am the author of this page and author / editor / publisher of much of the other material on this site. I have lived and worked in York since 1980. I also have many friends in Harrogate and know the town well.

About the Information We Publish

We publish only family friendly information on this site. We don't publish anything we consider to be offensive. Nothing on this site should be overly opinionated or political, unless of course this is called for.

Everything we publish, apart from reviews that have been sent to us, has been researched by our team. Most material is edited before publication. The writers have been a team since 2001. The bulk of this site is produced by residents of the city, including myself.


Hotel Reviews

Reviews of our hotels are unbiased. They are produced only by invited guests, who have booked their rooms using this site. We do not edit them. Thus, sometime you will find bad spelling and punctuation in them. There are a few reasons that reviews will not be published. The main reason we wont publish a review is if there is any bad language in it. If the review is not particularly good, yet is in good civil English, we will publish it.

Even if we have to remove a hotel review because of bad language, the hotel review score will still remain. This makes our reviews as unbiased and honest as is possible. We have noted some sites let anyone and everyone review products (hotels, pubs and restaurants in our case). We believe that allowing reviews ONLY from people who have stayed there means reviews will be more authentic.


Restaurant Reviews

These are either sent to us, by you, the public or have been produced by a member of the team in York, including myself.

I have had much experience over the years with restaurants world wide and in York. I know a large number chefs, as friends. They have given me a real incite and passion for food, its preparation and service. I know what a good meal is and am candid when I talk about restaurant service. When people go out for a meal they should expect good service. There are no two ways about it.

There are little things that can make or break a good meal out. I express my opinion as clearly and authentically as I can for you. That is the good, the bad and the painful.


Pub Reviews

Reviews sent into us by the public are edited before publication. Those produced by the team in York are also edited, then published. I have been into most of the pubs that have reviews on this site as a customer. I have lived over 20 years in the city. I worked behind a bar when I was a student. I have known publicans as friends for many years. Sharing thoughts about what each pub is like makes good reading and gives you an authentic idea of what to expect. This is especially useful for those of you who are visiting York.

For locals and visitors alike, if you do not agree with our observations and opinions, tell us what you do think. Your opinions are important to us and others who read this site.


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