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Contact Ireson Computing Ltd on +44 (0) 1904 338885. Email kevin@york-united-kingdom.co.uk

Ireson Computing Ltd in York has been designing web sites since 1989. If you are looking for experienced experts to build your online presence, we can help you. Producing you the most usable and accessible solutions, at a cost effective price. Also offering your businesses a full consultancy service.

Experience and Expertise to Provide Your Business with the Right Solution

Kevin Ireson, the Managing Director of Ireson Computing Ltd has been involved with the web since 1989. His knowledge and passion for the web started with bringing information about York to the world on this site. It is a small example of how keeping things simple can work. No bells and whistles, just the information people want and require to do the job well.

Usability and Accessibility are a Key to Success

Usability is a mark of quality. It is how easy a design is to understand and use to achieve specific goals, such as booking a hotel. Also how pleasant, satisfactory and memorable the experience is.

An accessible web site is usable to as diverse a user base as possible, including people with hearing, visual and mobility disabilities. It is made this way by removing obstacles and offering alternatives. Resizable text and text based navigation are 2 types of alternatives. We believe in making web site designs usable to all and thus accessible as well. These alternatives also mean information is more understandable to search engines.

Additionally, we have an aging population with deteriorating eyesight. Also consider 10% of internet users have disabilities. You can see it makes good business sense to allow everyone to use your site easily. It will make even more sense in the future.

Why Make Site W3C Compliant?

One of the greatest challenges for web designers today is making a site work in the many different browsers available (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for Macs). Making a site compliant to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards helps do this. These standards also help with accessibility issues. Additionally standards make the site last longer, as coding to standards means producing sites that are compatible with browsers now and in the future.

Consultancy Reports - Understanding Your Goals for Your Web Presence

Our web consultancy service is designed to help you to understand what the goals of your website are and what can be achieved, within budget. Our reports are detailed. They include interviews with you about your businesses needs. We also make studies to find our what your competitors are up to on the net. This gives us a comparison to work with.

Once we all understand and agree what can be done within your budget, we put our design skills to work. Producing the best possible, simple to use, easy to read website that fulfills your goals.

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