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Night Clubs in York England. Night Clubs York UK

This guide to the night clubs in York has been written by some well seasoned clubbers. All the included are open late (2 am) with late licences.

  1. ZIGGY'S York (Club Z)
    • 55 Micklegate
    • opens 10 pm until 2am
    • Dress code is Smart casual. No trainers at weekends but jeans are allowed.
    • Capacity: 500
    • If you have been in York for a while you will have heard of Ziggy's or club Z as it is affectionately known. As other clubs have open and closed around it, Ziggy's stands firm. There are several different rooms, 2 main dance floors with several bars. You could almost be someone's front room in some areas. It has that sort of feel. You can also rage your heart out. What ever age you are, Ziggy's = a good night out!
  2. THE GALLERY, York
    • 12 Clifford Street
    • Capacity: just under 1000 people
    • The Gallery night club. This club has changed it name many times. In its present guise it is an award winner. Its design allows you to look before you dance. An upstairs bar where you can sit and a railed balcony that goes all the way around the main dance floor. You can hang out and watch for your moment. Club and dance music upstairs. Downstairs is a more basic club room and dance floor. You can get soul rock and less mainstream sounds down here. A good night for the dancers amongst you and a good chilled atmosphere for those who don't.
  3. Tru, York
    • 3-5 Toft Green
    • A change of name and a change of ownership in 2010. Now run by TOKYO.
    • It has 2 main rooms and dance floors downstairs. A kicking main dance floor and a smaller but cool cafe bar. Upstairs is the VIP lounge. Chill and chat in a pleasant atmosphere.
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