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Two star rating imagePauline says: We enjoy a late night drink and this is one of the places that has been open late (2am) for a long time. Interestingly it is also next to a nightclub. I don't quite know how that works if I am honest. None-the-less, we walked in and went to the bar. Ordered our drink, which were very cheap. I look at Emma who I was with and she was pulling a face. I asked her why and she said it doesn't matter. So, I then needed the toilet. I oculd not see a sign so I asked one of the locals at the bar. He pointed yo the bar of the long thin pub, laughed a bit and said, "Just follow your nose!". Emma turned to me and said, "That's why I pulled a face. This place smells!". Anyhow, it may be somewhat aromatic but at 2am pissed who can argue when you get a double that cheap?

Four star rating image Spooky reports: Have been in here a few times. Last time I was in a bartender came running up from the cellar with a really scared look in his eyes. After enquiries were made it seemed that a ghostly figure was seen in the cellar and scared him out! Later on, just to compound the goings on some bottles mysteriously fell off the shelves. Will be popping in again tonight to see what happens.

Three star rating imageTomas tells us: This is a ok pub apart from some of the staff. There is a pleasant if somewhat rough atmosphere here. Probably due to it being in the middle of town, the rock music and the leather jackets. My student friends and I went in for a drink on Monday and some geezer with a beard refused to serve me because he said I was to drunk. We had only had one previously in a great bar up the road called Rumours.

I shrugged it off and laughed a bit at which point he turned round and said I was also to gay! Well that's great coming from someone who could have passed for Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Needless to say we left and went to the Little John. I will return again and hope they have some better staff on as we have had good nights here previously.

Two star rating imagedebra says: good little place ! nice friendly staff and fantastic art work, just a big shame about the state of the toilets :-( a real let down for the pub !

Three star rating imageKevin Ireson's review: This pub is open late at the weekends. They serve a couple of lagers and bitters at reasonable prices, considering it is a town centre pub. A good selection of snacks is also available from behind the bar. The staff are genuinely friendly and willing to chat. That is when given an opportunity, it can get very busy on a weekend. There is a discount card available for purchase. A small price will give you a discount on drinks you order. This will pay for itself after a few visits.


As a Micklegate venue, the Dodger has been around a long time. It was originally called Walkers bar. It was named after Mrs. Walker who was the patron of this and the nightclub next door. It was an unmissable part of the Micklegate run. As it is one of the last pubs on Micklegate, it used to end up full of extremely drunk people. In the 1970's to the 1990's many a bar brawl would start in the small bar and spill out onto the street. This does not happen any more and it is quite a pleasant relaxed venue today. In 2001 Dave managed this pub and gave it some character. He turned it into a rock pub. For many years it continued to thrive as such. That was until the brewery saw Dave making a success of it and decided to put the rent up to make sure they got more of the profits. After this Dave moved on but the place still has the feel of a rock pub.

Jason tells us: I love this place too. It is not an everyday faceless pub company pub. It has character.

Meggan said: I love this place, great regulars, always good quality drinks, now has live music on Sunday night.

Alice sent us in a message saying: Best Bar on Micklegate. Friendly place, good value.

Martin sent us in his thoughts about the Artful Dodger: A vast improvement over the old Walkers Bar, now serves real ale and quality spirits amongst other things. Nice atmosphere friendly staff and caters for different crowds, students mid week, and a wide range of ages on weekends. They show big screen sky sports. Oh and there are cool little tvs in the beer pumps.

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Artful Dodger
47 Micklegate,
York, North Yorkshire


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