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Five star rating imageJon Parker emailed to say: We visit York about 5 times a year and always head here straight away. Its a pleasant pub with a relaxed atmosphere and very friendly staff, and the food is great! Good quality and big portions. There is a selection of real ale but its not big. However it is always a lovely pint.

Three star rating imageLynsey Sawyers gave us some good historic research about this old pub. Kevin Ireson knows this pub and tells us: The Old Star is a nice place in the city centre that has good hand pulled ales and a pleasant atmosphere. There is one main bar and three other smaller rooms for you to explore. This is the famous York pub that has a sign to it stretching right across Stonegate. It is a grade 2 listed building in York it has been here since the English Civil Wars. Several ghosts haunt the pre misses.

Good Ale and Pleasant Staff Make for a Nice Traditional Pub

The Star has a number of hand pulled ales available. On my last call one of these was Theakstons Olde Peculiar. This is a strong real ale that is a good drink here because is it well kept. There are also kegs of bitter, a couple of lagers available and a nice pint of Guinness. The staff are well trained, usually attentive and have been known to smile occasionally. The atmosphere is a good one. It feels like and is a good traditional York pub.

4 Rooms with 1 Main Bar

There are 4 public drinking and eating rooms in this inn. As you enter the main room is in front of you. It has the only bar in it. You will have to make your way here to order your drinks. It is quite compact but this makes it so the hard working staff will definitely see you and serve you. However, don't hold back when they come near. Make sure they know you are waiting. 2 or 3 deep at the bar is not uncommon during a live acoustic music nights.

Also as you enter there is a small room on your right. This can been considered a good place for a meal, if you are just passing. To your left there are 2 more rooms. One is like a lounge but, not quite like your own front room. The other is a snug, with little room to move but, just enough room to cuddle up in.

The Famous Pub With the Famous Sign on Stonegate

The Star Inn is probably the most famous of York's pubs. This is due to the sign which spans the medieval street of Stonegate. The pub is set back from the street, with its entrance down a small snicket. The sign was put up after a landlord in the 18th century built a house in front of the pub. As a business it could no longer be seen from the street and would miss passing trade. Now that sign stands as one of the icons of York that many remember for years to come.

History of the Olde Starr Inn

This is now a grade two listed building. It is another contender for the title of York's oldest pub. It was known to be an Inn (place for drink, food and accommodation) during the English Civil Wars (1642 - 1651). The cellar (said to date back to the 10th century) was used as an operating theatre for injured soldiers. The entrance is through a passageway on Stonegate which opens into Star Yard. This yard had a well. At one time it was the only source of pure water in the area.

Ghosts in York City Centre

There are several ghosts who are said to haunt in the Old Star. The most unusual of these being two cats. They haunt as a result of being bricked up in a pillar between the door and the bar. They are supposed to be the cause of strange noises. , and also the reason for dogs behaving strangely around the pillar. Also the ghostly screams of pain, from the injured treated here, have been heard frequently.

Acknowledgements for the historic research in the original article go to York resident Lindsey Sawyers who sadly passed away in 2010.

One star rating imageElaine Haynes tells us: Went to the Star for lunch whilst Christmas shopping, never again, on querying the amount I had been charged for lunch I was informed that I was rude by three members of staff including the Manager! None of the staff have any concept of "Customer Service" and to to cap it all the lunch order was still wrong, cold and frankly appalling. I am only sorry that I didn't demand my money back and then eaten in one of the many good pubs in York.

One star rating imageSue Lloyd emailed in to say: What a disappointment! Have been here before and loved it. Last visit was 12 years ago and what a change for the worst. Disinterested staff and NO Old Peculiar!

Signs were out that said food served until 9 p.m. as did all the menus on the tables but, when we tried to order a meal at 5 p.m. we were told they had stopped serving. At 5.30 p.m., when others tried to order food, a girl behind the bar shouted to us that they would now be serving food again but only until 6 p.m. That night we had a lovely meal - elsewhere!!

Four star rating image Michelle Lee says: A lovely olde worlde pub with original beams inside. Also the back room has low ceilings and a lovely, ambient feeling.

Recently visited and the food was delicious. There was a list of home made pies that our party devoured!

Five star rating image Simon Bell thinks: The Olde Starr is a smashing old pub. The serve great beer and food. I always pop in when I visit York. It is well worth a visit.

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The Old Star Inn
40, Stonegate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 8AS
Telephone: 01904 623063


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