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The Micklegate Run Pub Crawl in York

Micklegate is a medieval cobbled street in York that runs from Micklegate Bar, the Western walled entrance to York, down towards the river. There there are many bars and pubs to pop into for a drink along the way. This pub crawl is very popular during race meetings. It is also an event considered one of York's best events for Stag nights or Hen Nights in the city. There are also a number of restaurants along the way. So, if you don't fancy getting all the way down Micklegate, you can stop off for a meal instead.

Meeting Up for the Micklegate Run

The Windmill Inn

The best place to meet for this pub crawl is just outside the city walls. The Windmill is across the road from Micklegate Bar, on Blossom Street. It has a number of bars in it. The reason this is one of the best place to meet is because of the bay windows in the front bars that face blossom street. You can get a pint and stand in the window checking out who is on the way into town from here with ease. Putting your pint down and running outside to holler across the road to friends is common place. Also, these windows are probably one of the best places for "talent spotting" in York. Once you have met up with all your friends here, it is time to down your drinks and start the run.

Wetherspoons Punch Bowl

The Punch bowl is at the top of Micklegate, again just outside the city walls. Its address puts it on Blossom street but it is one of the closest venues there is to Micklegate Bar, so it is definitely to be included. As well as this it is a Wetherspoons. So, who ever gets this round is on a good thing because Wetherspoons means cheap drinks. They serve a variety of ales here. The quality can also vary. It ranges form a nice pint to a pint that is most definitely on its last legs. The bar staff here can range from friendly chatty students to "other" European people who can hardly understand or speak English. The clientele are also quire varied. From gentlemen and ladies having a good night out, to the raging alcoholics shouting at each other at the top of their voices right across the room. It can be quite entertaining.


The next venue is the first bar on Micklegate. It is literally just inside the city walls. A bit in need of a facelift this was a Rock Cafe. Now the owner says it is not a Rock Cafe. They just serve coffee and play rock music. They still however serve a great range of inexpensive cocktails.

Every day they offer 2 for 1 on some cocktails. They also serve a basic beer , lagers and wine that is not a premium price or quality. The staff are very friendly and serve as quickly as is possible. If it is 3 deep at the bar this can take a while, but the cocktails are great tasting and whether it is 2 for 1 or not, they are good value for money.

Gibson's could also be considered a meeting place because of this. Although, the lack of windows and low lighting means if your mates don't know where you are going to be, it can be hard to find each other. However, there is a good signal available in here to most mobile phone networks, so it is possible to phone or text each other.

Time to Eat - Restaurants on Micklegate

If you have followed the route you will have had three drinks by now. If you want to eat there are many choices as many of the pubs mentioned here do do food. Some of them quite good food like at Brigantes Bar & Brasserie.

There are also several good restaurants available at the top of the street. My personal choice would be Delrio's an Italian restaurant at the very top of the street. Also worthy is Olde Siam Thai restaurant. This is just across the road from Gibson's. Additionally there an Indian restaurants near here. The largest of these is a large local chain called Jimmah. It is very open plan, but I have not tried it. The smaller one, the Sheesh Mahal, unfortunatly closed its doors in 2015. I did try that one and would say was a good curry house. It is always a good idea to book ahead to be sure of a seat at these places.

For those of you on a budget, you can always wait till you get down the bottom to eat. There is a Fish and Chip shop and the Micklegate takeaway fast food outlet nearer to the river. Both of these are good value for money and good food, especially when you have had a few more pints.

Real Ale on Micklegate

The Brigantes

Next in the run it is time for some good real ale. The Brigantes was one of York's first non-smoking pubs. It was this way a year before the smoking ban was brought in. It has a fine selection of good hand pulled real ales available, a good selection of both ciders and wines as well. There is no music, thankfully, so it is a very chatty pub. Friendly professional staff will serve you courteously and quickly with a good Yorkshire pint. That means with a nice head. More concisely that is a tight head, the size of your small fingernail and no larger. This pub is located next to the Olde Siam.

The Priory

Another pint of real ale can be consumed in here. Although it looks like a traditional pub from the outside, inside it looks a bit rough. Subdued lighting and a reasonable jukebox are your entertainment here. It has a strange atmosphere that is not particularly welcoming. The staff can be friendly, but generally are uninterested, distant and uninteresting in their own right. Time to move on in my opinion.

The Nagshead

Music and beer can have this place packed on a weekend. If you are doing the run it can be fun but it has nothing really unique to make it stand out. Apart from maybe if they are still offering 3 for 1 vodka and cokes!

The Falcon Tap

Nice place for a pint if you like the long thin pub look. Seating out the back is available and freindly staff will try to make your stay pleasent. After a good few drinks you will enjoy this town pub quite a bit.

The Parish

This old converted church has been an Arts Centre and Night Club in its time. Now it is a clean lively venue. Music and light will take you away and there is plenty of action here. Both pleasant eye candy and drinks are on offer. Mainly a younger clientele make the atmosphere. A central bar is available as you enter. There are plenty of seats available on two levels. There is plenty of room to move about and check out local fashions.

Pop World

Cheesy music all night long. Open late this venue plays the sounds of the 80's and a few from the 90's and 70's seem to sneak on occasionally. What ever decade it is from, you will be guaranteed it is cheesy and fun. As it is open late this can be a good place to end your run. Drink offers abound. Different 2 for 1's and other drink promotions are available on different nights. There is an entry fee on a weekend.

Missoula Bar and Grill

Posh cocktails are available at this venue which is the last one before the bridge across the river. Good quality food and cocktail are available, at a price. Dress sense is required to gain entry.

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