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Earthquake in Yorkshire January 3 2011 9pm

According to the British Geological Survey a eathquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale was centred around Ripon North Yorkshire at 9pm On the 3rd of January 2011. This according to BGS documentation is somewhere between a large mine blast of TNT and a small atomic weapon being droped. It could apparently be felt by a number of people in York. However this time I was not one of them.

Earthquake York February 26th 2008 1am

Around 1am on February 26th 2008 a sizable earthquake hit York, North Yorkshire, England and Wales. The tremor was felt from London to Newcastle according to the BBC.

In York itself it was an experience I will remember but, would honestly like to be able to forget. This was the worst earthquake experience in my life. My house shook and shuddered with me in the middle of it, gripping my house mate in fear.

It has never really sunk in before. It has never really effect my environment so closely to be honest. Now I really do know, the planet is ill and letting us know about it. Scarey.

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