York City Walls Walk - Walking Tour of York Walls - Part 2

Walmgate Bar to the Red Tower and then the Kings Pool along the River

The York walls from Walmgate Bar Northward, is very low. This is due to its ramparts being restored many times. At the end of this section you come down from the walls and will see the Red Tower. You should come around the Red Tower, to the footpath along Foss Islands Road. Head North towards the large red brick tower, but stay on the walls side of the road. As you reach the tower, you will see the river Foss and the willow tree lined Kings Pool.

Follow the river further until you come to the road junction at the top. Carry on around to the left until you see a small tower and small section of wall with a small entrance. It is next to a fairly modern red brick and glass building with a red faced clock on. Cross over to this walls tower to continue. You should see an notice telling you about this section of York's walls. Go through the small entrance and back up the steps to continue.

This section of the walls walk runs parallel to a road called Jewbury. You will see two towers along here and the remains of the ice house before you reach Monk Bar.

From Monk Bar Around the Back of York Minster

As you reach Monk Bar you will be on the opposite side of the city to where you began. So, we are basically half way around now. However, the next section of the walk is one of the more inspiring sections of the walk. Monk Bar itself has an attraction in it called "The Richard III museum". You can enter the shop for free and there is some interesting memorabilia you can purchase here.

The stairs of Monk Bar, where you will come down to road level, have very low ceilings. So mind your head. Once down you can rest up along Monkgate or further toward York Minster on Goodramgate. There are a good number of historic pubs along here some of which serve food. To get back up onto the walls cross the road and simply go up the stairs on the other side of the bar.

This section of the wall is a right angle. You start out heading North West, away from Monk Bar and end up, after turning the corner, heading South West toward Bootham Bar. Between these two Bars you will get great views of the Treasurer's House, Gray's Court, York Minster and their grounds. Although trees tend to obscure the view some of the way, these buildings and gardens are worth stopping to inspect through the gaps. There are also some seats on the corner for you to rest at.

Bootham Bar to York Art Gallery

Bootham Bar is the next entrance to the city. You can enter the building from the walls. Inside there is a portcullis. This was put here in the 14th century and used to be able to be lowered to seal the entrance. It is now fixed in place, in the up position, so visitors can view it.

You must leave the walls walk here to go down the stairs. From here you can do a number of things. You can go into the city along High Petergate. This will take you to the front of York Minster. There are a number of pubs and restaurants along High Petergate that are worth stopping at. You can also cross the road which will take you to York's Art Gallery in Exhibition Square.

To continue our walls walk, you now have to face away from Bootham Bar and turn left, down a road called St Leonard's Place. On your left you will pass by the official York Tourism Offices. Inside you will find much in the way of brochures and York memorabilia. Further on, you will pass by York Theatre Royal. This beautiful building is sited on the ruins of a medieval hospital. Then you will come to some traffic lights. To the left is York Minster.

Cross the road here. Do be careful however and use the pedestrian crossing. This is a busy junction. Once across the road, continue away from the Minster.

The Museum Gardens and Yorkshire Museum

Next you will come to the Museum Gardens on your right. These botanical gardens are free to enter and tour around. Inside the gardens are many buildings of interest. First and foremost is the Yorkshire Museum. For a small fee you can tour exhibitions that include Vikings, Romans and natural history. Also there is the ruins of St Mary's Abbey and its wooden hospitium. You can also enter remains of the undercroft of St Leonard's Hospital from the gardens. Additionally the Multangular Tower from the Roman fortress is here, as is the York Observatory.

Museum Gardens to Micklegate Bar with a Great Photo Opportunity

The next stage of the walk is from the Museum Gardens to Micklegate Bar. Come out of the gardens the same way you went in. Turning right as you leave will bring you to Lendal Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right again to get back up to the walls. As you walk along here you will in the distance be able to see York Minster and some flower beds. This is a perfect photo opportunity. There is a small, railed outcrop along here. With members of your party standing on the outcrop, you can get York minster and the flower beds below in. Picture postcard stuff. As you continue you will pass by York Railway station on your right, outside the walls. Continuing further will take you to Micklegate Bar. This is where we started and so your tour of York City walls is now complete.

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