Jenine Berley tells us about her shopping trip to York

We came. We saw. We shopped! Me and the girls decided some weeks ago that it was time for some retail therapy. Thus after much thought a group decision was made, by the boss, me, to take us all to York. Well if I have made some bad decisions in my time this was NOT one of them!

There was so many different place to go both in town and out. Your page of details on SHOPPING IN YORK was a good guide. Can I just say it would have been nice to have some maps to guide us through but, we found our way ok. We started small ... a run round the Market place that was in the middle of the city was great. There were some good value cloths and stuff and plenty of choice. After that we decided to head to try and find the oldest street is it, The Shambles. Well that was marvelous too. A bit tourist orientated for us but some nice stuff and if we ever come back with the kids would deffo have to take them down here for the experience. We left the Shambles and went through the market and then across parliament Street. Just the other side of this we found the Coppergate Centre. Well this was a bit more to our tastes. Lots of small boutique type shops to explore here. It took us about 2 hours to get round it and by this time it was lunch.

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We had a good idea of what there was to eat here thanks to your restaurant guide and we went looking. Found a nice place to eat called Cafe Uno that was just again down the road close to Cliffords tower. Food was good and there was enough to get us back up and running for stage 2 of our shopping extravaganza, Stonegate.

It was a bit of a walk across town to find Stonegate but on the way there was much to see and many places to spend spend spend! We were surprised to find that Parliament street was quite long and full of some good names. We did a few of the department stores and managed to come away a little more laden with goods. We then hit the wonders of Stonegate. Once again a bit touristy really but we all found something to please, Jenny got a teddy bear for the boy friends and hippy dippy Pauline manage to find some crystals to heal herself. I imagine to be honest that that will come in very handy when she gets home and does a how much dosh did I spend total!

At the end of stonegate we were tempted to turn down petergate but instead we all said, well now we are here, there is a big church in front of us we may as well go see it. We went into the Minster and after a relaxing a cooling couple of hours we were ready for that last sprint to the hotel rooms to leave all the wonders we have managed to get hold of. We went around the main entrance to the minster and at a pub called the cross keys turned south, (right). Yet more lovely shops to discover here but we were a bit full by this time. Could hardly carry what we had already so it was more of a window shop.

We got back to our hotel which was the Ramada Encore and thanks to you guys we were well placed in the middle of town for the shopping and what was to follow which was a girls night out on the tiles. I hope to get some more back to you soon about this but cant be sure to remember after we have done it! TTFN all have a great time in York I know we sure did!
Yours from Jenine Berley