Mark poplar sent us in this great story about his weekend in York

Day : 1

We came on Friday night to York. We arrived a bit later than intended but as we had told them we would be early evening things went smoothly. We got to our hotel The Queens hotel and went quickly thorough the booking in process and went up to our room. Luggage followed and we got a quick freshen up and ready to go out. We went down the road and across the bridge toward the centre of town. There were quite a few bars and pubs we passed on the way.

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We were looking for somewhere to eat really and we spotted something that looked like it might be nice. There was a pub / restaurant just after the bridge called The Olde Orelans. We entered what was a busy bar and cocktail lounge and while at the bar getting a couple of drinks asked where is the menu. The barman told us that we had to go around the corner of the bar to where the restaurant was, so we did. A great meal nice surroundings and good staff.

We left the place and went strait across the road to another pub. This time it was an Irish bar and I cant remember it name but, the Guinness was good even if the music could have been updated a few decades :)

Out again and then into another bar this time we knew where we were. It was just round the corner again, like most places seem to be in this medieval alley ridden city. It was a chain pub called Yates. It was great for us. Somewhere to by a drink get a seat and have a dance if you liked and we did. Came to starting to feel a little tired by 10:30 after the long drive so we decided back to the hotel and bed.

Day : 2

Well a full day today. We get up without much of a hangover which is good for us and then we set off. The hotel is tucked away down a quiet street and next to the river. This meant that we could wander into town on foot with ease. As we did so we managed somehow to stumble upon what appeared to be the main shopping precinct. Well the Girlfriend dragged me around it for a bit but once I got my bearings we were off.

We noticed a big house that when we went up to it was the lord mayors. With my map in hand I knew we could walk from here strait down the medieval Stonegate to York Minster. Once again the girl was stopping and looking but as I had the cards on me and she left hers at home we didn't buy anything.

At the end of the street there is a sweet shop called John Bull and as we passed I nipped in for a quick sweet. As i came out and shared my offering the Girlfriend grabbed my hand and dragged me further down the road. As we left the shelter of the streets my sites were filled by the awe inspiring minster. Wow what a site. In we went via what looked like the side door but is the only door apparently. Well a great couple of hours going around here seeing and absorbing all that was around us. I could have stayed for ages but lunch was calling.

Out we went and back up toward Stonegate. Round here there are a good few cafes and all looked like they would do for us. We picked a red cafe and the pleasing menu and friendly staff allowed us a leisurely meal. After enjoying our meal and a coffle we decided to try a few of the alley ways. Well it is amazing what you can find down these old streets. CAfe bars, restaurants, classy shops, churches and even a sushi bar!

The rest of the day we spent looking round at some of the old buildings and pubs. There was a wonderful one called Snickleways Inn. This is apparently what all these little alleyways are called. Although trying to get a reason why they were called snickelways was quite a task and there were to many locals that swore they new. Well we left them arguing about why and slipped out. A lovely stop though well worth while lovely and cozy, good atmosphere and beer!!

Well we wandered for a while until supper time and then we found ourselves a bit lost. Luckily we also noticed that we seemed to be surrounded by places to eat. Every other building seemed to be a restaurant. Great .. in we went and it was fab. A little place called Meltons Too. We had a few of the tapas they had here and spent a lovely few ours slowly eating bit and perigees and sipping some good wines.

After this we decided that we had enjoyed Yates so much last night we would try it again. In we went and it was a bit busier on the Saturday but it was still good. A few dances a few sweet moments eye to eye and then back to the room at the Queens.

A great weekend away for me and the girl. We will be coming back and soon.