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Three star rating imageKevin Ireson says: This is the closest thing I have ever seen on dry land to the eating experience on a cruise ship in the "smash and grab", otherwise known as the buffet. If I am honest with you this is not one of my favourite places to eat but, it fulfils a need as somewhere for a cheap night out in York. Cosmo is a favoured place to get a cheap meal out for people who like to eat LOADS of food, students and other younger people. You help yourself to the food that is supplied in trays, which are supposed to be above 63�C. A cheaper option is available at lunch.

Cheap Food Makes for a Good Cheap Night Out

There are not many places where you can fill your face for a fixed price and enjoy yourself in York. Having said that you can certainly do that here. The food may not be haute cuisine but, it is good value and there is lots of it. You enter, you get shown to your table and you get told "how Cosmo works". That being:

  1. Order your drinks with the staff (free refills of soft drinks).
  2. Get your soft drink from the drinks machine or if alcoholic, it will be brought to your table.
  3. Find where the plates and cutlery are (at the top of some of the aisles containing food).
  4. Take your warm plate and cutlery (just check that cutlery is clean).
  5. Search up and down the aisles of dishes from around the world for what you like.
  6. Serve yourself with as much as you want of each and or all the dishes available in the supposedly 63°C+ bain-marie.
  7. Return to your table and eat.
  8. Rinse and repeat as many times as you like.
  9. Pay your cheap bill at your table or on your way out.
Cosmo - The Selection of Food From Around the World is Very Large

The beauty of this restaurant is not only the cheap prices but the range of dishes from all over the world that are available to you. If you like classic British takeaways the you will enjoy the usual suspects on offer here. They usually have the below available most evenings:

  1. The top of the hot favourites is of course a full carvery option including stuffing, roast potatoes and hot veg.
  2. Indian and Pakistani curry dishes.
  3. Chinese sweet and sour, noodle and rice meals.
  4. Italian pizza and pasta with different sauces.
  5. Cold salads and cold fish including some sushi.
  6. Other options from other well known world cuisines.
Cheaper Lunch Menu Dish Choices Limited

The lunch menu here is even cheaper than the inexpensive dinner feast! It is the same deal one price for a real massive amount of food but, there is a limited selection of dishes on offer. This makes sense as the place is not usually that full at lunch time, apart from on a weekend. So it is still one of the best cheap as chips places to eat lunch in York but, not every aisle is full of food.

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Cosmo Restaurant York
19 Bridge Street, York
Tel: 01904 633800

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