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Five star rating image Peter's review: We booked ahead and it is good job we did as when we entered the atmosphere was buzzing! Pleasent front of house owner greeted us warmly and we were showed to our table. Drinks were offerd immediatly and we were given enough time to order and sip. Great starters with some mussels that were to die for and a garlkic bread that you could smell 6 feet away. Absolutely full of flavour. A steak and chicken stuffed with dolcelatte (soft Italian blue cheese) were also devine. All in all we could not fault anything we had or the sevre or the feeling of the place that night. Very well done to all and thank you so much. We will be back soon for sure!

Four star rating image Review from webmaster Kevin Ireson Located just outside Micklegate bar Delrios offers a comprehensive menu of Italian and European dishes. They have a reasonably sized menu of delights that they really know how to cook. What that means for you is each time you go here, you will get a consistant and great tasting meal.

This night was full to be of surprises for me, most of them good. This is not the cheapest Italian restaurant you will find. However it is value from money, on the "you pay for what you get" scale. Starters were lovely. Mains were delicious. Puddings were great too, apart from the smallest cheese board I have ever seen. The wines and drinks were also great. We will be going again for sure.

Unique Atmosphere

As we arrived, my first surprise was we had to go down the stairs from the front door to the restaurant which was in a cellar. We were greeted warmly by the owner Giovanni Delrio. He asked a member of staff to show us our table, which was located in a small alcove right at the back of the cellar. It took us a while to get used to the acoustics, but once we had done the intimacy of the alcove became quite a pleasant and unique point about the evening.

The larger dining area was full of chatting with a pleasant Italian trattoria decor and feel to it. That being the service staff were friendly and pleasant, giving us a more casual than formal service (no suit and tie). Which is just the way we like it and just like it would be in Italy. Padova sprang to mind for me, but there we have it.


There was a full page of starters to choose from, which was my second pleasant surprise. These ranged from classic Italian dishes: bruschetta, garlic mushrooms to splendid choices of a more European nature: chicken liver pate, Scottish mussels in white wine and cream (moules mariniere). There was also a good list of specials on offer on a large board in the main dining area.

As I looked at the specials board, one of the staff came over and quickly pointed out how nice the mussels were. Also, to prove the point, he asked another customer who had just finished some what they were like. The American chap agreed that they were very nice, but there was a lot of garlic in them. Well, he was an American. So I imagine he was not used how to garlic should be used with moules. My own thoughts on this are, the only time I can taste garlic is when it is not in a dish. However, to defend the chef, Serge (our waiter) and the American, there is a good amount of garlic in them.

I have always liked mussels and lots of garlic so went for some of these. David, who came along with me to test the place out, went for one of the specials, scallops wrapped in ham, served on a bed of spinach. Both of these were a delight. The mussels were quite small, compared to some I had had in Brugge last month, but well cooked in a tasty liquor. David's scallops were also divine. The ham did not over power the scallops, but enhanced their flavour nicely.

Main Courses

A fine choice of mainly Italian dishes were available. There were classic and house special Pastas and Pizzas, with many seafood and meat options. Also there was a good choice of other Italian / European dishes with an emphasis on seafood, of which I am a fan.

The staff were very knowledgeable about the full menu and the specials. So after asking for a bit of further information, we made our choices.

David went for prawns and scampi in a chili and tomato sauce, with roast potatoes. I went for a rib-eye steak (rare) with a mixed salad. Again, both of these were delicious and cooked perfectly, as ordered.


A multitude to choose from, and so we did. We had 4 puddings. The Tiramisu was lovely, the Panna Cotta (cooked cream) was great, the Lemon thing with fresh currents (bitter to balance the sweet) was the best in my opinion. However, the cheese board was a disappointment. 3 very small portions of Italian cheese, with 4 biscuits and a bit of salad. Will not be opting for that again here, but the rest of it I will for sure.

Wine and Drinks

We were offered and eclectic mix of world wines and drink. However, as we were in an Italian Trattoria, we went for Italian. As an aperitif we both had Campari with Soda. These were on ice and made without shirking on the Campari, so that made them very dry and refreshing. We both love the red wines of Italy so a Chianti Classico 2007 was ordered. At this age it had had enough time to mature slightly and tasted fabulous with all our food. At a price of over 20 pounds, we still considered it value for money in a restaurant. It tasted like a 20 pound bottle of wine, not plonk.

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Delrios Italian Restaurant
10 Blossom Street York
Telephone: 01904 622695

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