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Ami wrote in to tell us: The inside of the restaurant is modern. It is more of an Indian restaurant than a curry house. In fact, it must be one of the best Indian restaurants in York. Large menu with interesting specialties, but all food is delicious and nicely presented.

Kevin Ireson says: This was one of the places to eat in York that I had been frequenting for years. Good food friendly and attentive staff. Nice atmosphere maybe in need of a bit of an update. Yet it is more than a traditional curry house in fact it has become a good Indian restaurant. This place stands out a bit from the rest for me and my taste buds.

On entering you should be greeted with a warm welcome by the cordial front of house or till staff. Waiting in the small room for a table to be available is not a chore as there is a small but pleasant waiting area to sit in. You may be offered a drink while you wait and they have been known to have some bowls of Bombay Mix on the table. When your table is ready you will be shown to it and then offered menus.

Friendly Service

Always a happy and friendly member of staff to greet you as long as the place is not to full. Cordial in the utmost and always interested and happily willing to fulfil if not anticipate your requirements. All the guys here over the age of 21 are well trained.


In my own experience it is often better to get to know a restaurant before you go for exotic dishes. Well I know this one well and ted to go for it while I am here. I have never had a bad meal here. I have tried the normal tandoori and curry dishes many times and I know the chef is experienced.


As a starter I love the prawn patia. It comes in a freshly cooked pastry purse and the fresh herbs are very evident. If there is one thing that gets my taste bud going it is a bit of fresh coriander. It always seems to be available when here when I am. There are many other options available, mainly traditionally themed. In other words the starters are nothing original but they are always pleasing when you get them.

Main Course

There is an eclectic choice of curry available here. You will of course be offered the staple North Yorkshire Bangladeshi offering such as Madras, Pathia, Biryani, Dhansak, Tandori, Bhuna, Vindaloo dishes made with chicken, lamb, prawn and king prawn.

The chefs specials are worth trying as some of them have been designed by the staff. I was told by Rocky, a very well known waiter here, that one of them was his and was something he liked to eat very much after a hard nights work here. So, that makes them tasty curry dishes from people who eat these curry dishes regularly. You cant say fairer than that really can you.

Vegetarians also have fabulous selection to choose from with 12 chefs specials like Shahi Vegetable Massala, Kashmiri Vegetable Salon and Aloo Palak Curry. Also as a vegetarian myself for many years and eating in here I found that if you ask nicely, they will try to accommodate you with a vegetarian equivalent of most of the dishes available for meat eaters.

There are a large selection of main courses available. From Tandoori to basic curry to a good selection of house specialty dishes. One of the house specialties I really like is the Parsi dish. It reads on the menu as a Persian dish. I have never seen it anywhere else to be honest. lots of tasty spices and lentils in it. When I was a vegetarian it was great and now back on meat it is still something special to savour.

I have always been very happy with the food and service here, over the last 10 years. It has changed hands in that time, but the quality of food and service remains high. Even after being absent for a year or so they still greet you like an old friend. In my mind this is one of the best forms of marketing a restaurant can have. Good loyal friendly staff, who remember your name. (waves to Rocky who is an experienced and very accomplished waiter here if he reads this)

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

The Viceroy of India Indian Restaurant
26 Monkgate York, North Yorkshire YO31 7PF
Telephone: 01904 622370

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