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Four star rating image Kevin Ireson's review: Every time we go in here we all seem to agree that this is the best steak we have had in a long time. Is it the best steak restaurant in York? Yes we all think so!

We booked a table and were told, "We are quite full, but can fit you in at 7:00pm, if you understand we need the table for 8:30pm. This was honest of them and we agreed. At 7:00pm on Saturday, we were greeted cordially and shown to our table.

The atmosphere was pleasent and chatty. They were filling up even if it was early on a Saturday. The decore was clean yet rustic, giving it the feel our Argentine host wanted. We were then offered drinks and menus. My partner enjoyed his starter more than I enjoyed mine. However, I enjoyed my steak more than he enjoyed his. All round, this was the best steak I have had in York and and the best value for money steak I have had in York as well. We will be going back again.


My partner for the night, David had two small but very tasty, Cornish pasty like savory pastries to start with. They were well cooked and nicely seasoned. It seemed simply to be well seasoned minced beef with onions and carrots wrapped in puff pastry. However, if you eat out much you will know, simplicity can often be a winner, if it is served right. That was definitely the case here. I had some beef spare ribs. These were not to bad, although a bit too dry for me. They had been barbequed and covered in paprika, which did give them an Argentinean flavour.

Main Courses

We were in a steak restaurant and we both love a good piece of meat. So we both went for steaks. I had a Rib Eye and David had a Sirloin. He asked for medium rare I asked for rare. To go along with them I was a little disappointed that it was either chips or chips. No real alternative was offered, although I believe they may do baked potatoes. There was an option for veg or salad. We went for one of each.

The steaks arrived in good time and were cooked just as we had asked. The Sirloin was good, but David said he liked the small bit of rib eye I offered him better. My rib eye was quite well seasoned. You could definitely notice the salt and paper that had been added, but it was by no means overpowering. You got all the flavour of the meat through it. This was what I would call the best steak I have had in York to date and I have had a few. The meat was full of flavour and tender. It had a good amount of marbling through it but no chewy gristle. 4 out of 5 from both of us for the main course.


It was getting on a bit so when we were offered the menus again, I just asked the patron, "What is the most Argentinean desert you have?" He responded quickly, "Panqueque. A pancake with chocolate sauce is very much liked in my country. It is a little too sweet for me to be honest but it is the most Argentinean." David and I looked at each other and smiled, looked back nodded and asked for two. It was different and tasty, but by gum it was also very sweet. Still quite a delight to finish with and they made quite a change.

Four star rating imageAlex emailed in to say: I have eaten here and found that both the food and service were very good. The price was also not too high for the quality of food. This is a proper steak restaurant for those who like steak but don't want to sit in a pub, it has a lovely, quiet atmosphere which is perfect for family and friends (and not bad for dates too!). I hope to be back soon and would recommend El Gaucho to any steak-lovers out there!

Four star rating imageConrad told us: I took my Mum there as a thank you. We were both very impressed. The staff are friendly and recommended we only have one starter selection between us, because of its size. The starter of empanadas, chorizo, cheese and olives was easily enough for two. It was simple, but excellent quality fare. I had steak and Mum had salmon. Both were top quality. I would go as far as to say it was the best steak I have had anywhere. We washed the meal down with an excellent bottle of Argentinean Bonarda. I would recommend El Gaucho to any steak lover.

Additionally, my boss works in London but comes to York twice a month. He has visited El Gaucho on my recommendation and agrees it is the best steak he has eaten.

Also, last month I was away on a course in Coventry and met someone from Cardiff. When I told him I was from York, asked me if I knew El Gaucho. He had visited when in York and also believed served the best steaks he had eaten.

Four star rating image Amy sent us her review: We had the most amazing meal at this Argentinean Steak Restaurant. The menu was great, a large and wide selection of starters and a lovely selection of steaks, fillet, rump, sirloin, basically whatever type of steak you would like and they cooked it as you requested, rare means rare! The food was absolutely gorgeous, the service was very friendly, the wine list was great and the bill was extremely reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone and I will be back very soon.

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El Gaucho Argentinean Steak Restaurant
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