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Four star rating imageElizabeth Forbes tells us: I have to agree with the webmaster and say that the food here is wonderful.

But we had a slightly disappointing experience with the service. Having been shown to our table and given menus, we were asked if we wanted water and then before we could ask for a drink our waiter was off and he never came back to ask if we wanted anything else, he missed out on one and possibly two glasses of champagne.

The waitress who took our order was fine but other visits from the waiter were distinctly grumpy. I did have a slight reservation about my starter of grilled mackerel, the pieces of mackerel were so small. One decent sized fish could have served the whole restaurant. Also my husband found his chicken a bit tough, but says he might not have noticed if his knife had been better. Overall we had a pleasant evening and the cost was reasonable.

Five star rating imageWebmaster review: This is a high quality, yet small and quaint establishment. It has been in York for a number of years now. I first visited with a young group of students, in the 90's. We hired out the private room upstairs. We had a great meal, with professional, friendly service to the table. There is no other way of describing it really. Apart from; if you are looking for the best restaurant in York, I think you have found it here.

Chef Michael Hjort - Roux trained slow food

Chef and owner Michael Hjort was train by the Roux brothers. He is very much involved in the York Festival of Food and Drink, which takes place in York every Autumn. He is also very involved with Slow Food North Yorkshire. The concept of slow food has been around since 1986. It is a movement which is the opposing force to the fast food concept. It aims to promote and protect the splendid gastronomic delights that can be achieved during a dining experience. Melton's makes this concept a reality every time.


The food at Meltons has always been fabulous. It is well prepared with fresh local ingredients. The restaurant tell me this is in fact one of their priorities. Dished served here are an eclectic mix of modern British and French cuisine. Well prepared and cooked as requested, dishes are also well presented to you. If you have any questions just ask the staff. I have found they tend to be well briefed on what you are eating.


The wine list that is available is very comprehensive. It guides you through which of the tasty beverages go best with which type of meal. 2 or 3 times now the group I have gone with has chosen the French Sauvignon Blanc "Smoking Parrot", which comes from the Loire Valley. Each time it seems better than the last.

Total satisfaction

I have never had cause to complain here and I as a critic do like to complain. Meltons has never left me feeling anything but totally satisfied as a customer and as a "foodie".

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

7 Scarcroft Road,
York, YO23 1ND
Telephone: 01904 634341

Opening Times:
Evenings: 5:30pm until 10pm Monday to Saturday
Lunchtime: 12 midday until 2:00pm Tuesday to Saturday

Reserving tables in advance is advised.

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