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Three star rating imageKevin Ireson's Review: This is a small Italian restaurant just outside the walls with good service, nice Italian food and trattoria atmosphere. The first time I went here it was midweek and we were 2 people. It was very good especially the honesty and friendliness of the staff. The second time we were a larger group of about 20 friends and there was a major problem. Overall it was OK nothing wrong with the food. But, the place has got to get better organised.

Atmosphere and Good Friendly Service

We had noticed this Italian a number of times. It is well located near the cinema on the corner of Blossom Street and Holgate Road. We entered and were greeted and shown to the table. The feel of this place is a like a rustic trattoria. Basic wooden chairs with solid wooden tables, paper napkins but, no table cloths.

We got our aperitifs and perused the menu. There were all the usuals available. Pizzas, pastas, nice meat and fish dishes. Now I often test my waiters to see what the place is really like. So I asked, "If you were serving your mum, what dish would you tell her was the best and really worth ordering?". He paused. thought and then said, "Well my Mum likes pasta. I would tell her to try the lobster ravioli its very tasty.". I was a special as it happened as well, so I order it for main.

When the food came it was well presented hot and tasty. You have to expect that in the competitive York restaurant market. Our starters were good and went down well with our Campari and soda. Our wine arrived and it too was very pleasant with out mains. My ravioli was well cooked but, not over cooked. It had a delicate creamy sauce with it that was also very tasty. There was a reasonable amount of it too. But, as always with me a little bit more would not have gone amiss.

Large Group Booking Food Good When We Got a Table That Is

20 of us booked a table for 8pm, peak time on a Saturday. When we went from a nearby pub called the Mount, we were told the table was not ready. We went back to the pub. We sent a scout several times over the next hour and finally we got our booked tables at about 9pm.

The extra hour is the pub with all these friends was not an issue really. We were out for a good night and we had one. Nothing was going to stop that happening! Service again was good. All orders taken by 2 staff and all the food was served up at the same time. Hot and tasty again no one had a bad word to say about the food really All good.

Improve the Way You Deal With Bookings Please

As I have said we enjoyed the night and meal both times. However we went with a table booking at 8pm and did not get the table for an hour after that. We were told that it was someones birthday. So they could not really ask for the table. Well that was their issue and should not have become our problem. It you book a table for a certain time you should get a table at that time. If a restaurant is overbooking, they should know better. They lost points in the rating because of this.

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

Lo Spuntino Trattoria York
64 Blossom Street, York YO24 1AP
Tel:01904 658822

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