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Three star rating imageKevin Ireson's review says: Service was friendly. Somewhat slow to start but after the order was taken things arrived as we wanted them with talking time in between. Over all a 4/5 from me because of best chocolate fondant I have had in York but a 3/5 from David.

As we entered the nice front room staff, with hands full of a tray, still enquired if we had a reservation. We got shown to table but were not offered drinks olives etc instead we were given menu. However it was quite busy. 10 minutes in and we are asked about drinks. I ask for pastice got offered Richard / similar. David had a cocktail Cointreau fizz. Both were nice but nothing above what we could do at home. 3/5

Bread, olives and some saucisson Bon Bon came. All were lovely. The bread tasted fresh baked and was warm. Olive oil was a bit pass� for a restaurant but, the little plate of balsamic was a treat. 3/5


Chicken liver pate was classic and reminded me of my own! 4/5 David commented it was just lacking a bit of he be vest qua! So perhaps not quite as good as my own! 3/5

The souffl� was a bit tough skinned on the bottom and quiet light in flavour. Not the best I have ever had but passable and good. The crisp fris�e lettuce and apple salad was nicely dressed and went well with my souffle. The sweet and sour with a hint of Asian flavours in the pickle accompanied both starters well. 3.5/5

Main Courses and Wine

David's classic Beef Bourguignon was a bit greasy with an under whelming jus. It appeared to be much more stock than red wine in my opinion, which is a typical restaurant trick to keep their costs down. However the 6 or so meat chunks were of good bite size and tasty. It is nice when even cheap cuts of beef do actually taste of beef. It came with quite tasty mushrooms and carrots in it, green beans on the side. The dish and the beans were all well cooked. Basically as a classic in a restaurant it was OK but, we both felt could do better at home. That is not the sort of food you want to get in a restaurant. The only advantage to going out when this is the case is less washing up. 3/5

My wax paper parcel of sea bass was meaty and well cooked. It fell apart with the touch of a fork into nice slices. The light tomato and olive sauce complimented the fish without overpowering it.

The rose Sancerre was light, quaffable and tart. It went well with the fish as Sancerre usually does. The beef and sauce overpowered it somewhat.


We ordered 2 classics. 1 tart tartan and 1 chocolate fondant for afters. Unfortunately the desert spoons we were offered required a clean as they were grubby.

David's tart was OK. Hot, pastry bottom but not your traditional slice. 3/5

Fondant looked good on arrival. As I cut in with my spoon the centre was not runny initially. However as I cut further I got a small amount of the middle oozing out! Success! Well done chef! The sponge was tasty and light. It had some chocolate ice cream slightly melted and freeze dried raspberry bits on it. The tart flavour of raspberry offset the sweet chocolate well. Although not perfect this was the best chocolate fondant I have has in York so I scored it 4.5/5

Things We Think Could Be Improved

  • As you are seated the waiter should also be taking orders for predinner drinks. Most people have an idea of what they want.
  • Quality of olive oil used here should be looked at.
  • You have to do something a bit special to get good marks from the classics. The Beef Bourguignon was nothing special.
  • Check your cutlery is clean before you put it on the tabels please.

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Cafe Rogue
The Adams House, 52 Low Petergate, York, YO1 7HZ
Tel: +44 (0) 1904 673 293

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