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This restaurant unfortunatly closed on Monday 8 March 2010. It was part of a small hospitality parntership and all poarts of it closed suddenly, without warning.

Three star rating imageWebmasters review: Having been told about the wonders of Harvilles we couldn't help but try it out. The decor is nice. The atmosphere is good. The food was ok. The service could have been better.

Steaks for the two of us

We arrived and were cordially shown to a table. The atmosphere was pleasant on the saturday afternoon we chose for a meal here. We got given the menus by an obviously untrained member of staff. We had to request an aperitif rather than being offered one. The menu looked good and the Aberdeen Angus steaks seemed to be the order of the day. My friend chose a plain Aberdeen Angus steak. I choose a peppered version of the same.

Medium steaks - red in the middle

The food arrived promptly. My friends steak was cooked just as he had requested it. Mine to was well cooked, to medium. I would say that the chef is cooking to European standards of medium. By that I mean it was red in the middle with blood when you cut it.

Food - Some things could have been better

Two points of comment about the food. I ordered the middle of the 3 sizes of steak available. When mine came, it seem to have been made up to weight with a rather fatty bit still being attached to it. I removed it shrugged and started to eat. In my opinion they should have correctly cut steaks, to correct weight, if they are offering them on the menu.

Heavily peppered steak

I had a peppered steak. I would not recommend this to others. The pepper was overpowering, even for me and I really like pepper. I could hardly taste the steak. I tried some of my friends and it was much better. You could taste the meat and it was tender.

Staff should be trained before they attempt to serve customers

We finished off and asked for the bill. Our waitress could not operate the equipment for payment. She requested help from another member of staff who proceeded to train her in front of us. As paying customers, this is not something we wanted to see. It left an unfortunate taste in my mouth.

Three star rating imageRichard Jemson sent us a review of Harvilles restaurant: I went looking in York for a nice bit of steak. I came across Harvilles restaurant on Fossgate. I thought it was very good. If you want a nice, relaxing place that serves good quality food then go here.

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47 Fossgate, York
Tel: 01904 654155

Open Monday - Saturday 11am until last cover finishes, orders taken until 9.30 pm

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