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Unfortunately in June of the year 2013 this restaurant closed. Word of mouth says they were not making money. Then they decided to increase the price of meal. The increase was to much for most people and they stopped coming. A shame they didn't try increasing by a smaller amount for a time and then if required do it again, but there we have it. Farewell to a great Bistro.

Four star rating image K Oliver tells us: Ate at J Baker's in January 2010. This was our second visit. The welcome and service throughout our time there was very friendly and professional, each member of staff that we needed to speak were very knowledgeable and informative about the food menu and wine list. The surroundings were comfortable, modern and relaxed to be in. As for the food - it's to die for! Absolutely delicious, inventive and special. My advice would be to take time to enjoy the food that has so obviously been lovingly prepared. I hope that J. Baker's remains just the way it is now, which to me is perfect.

Webmasters review: Having heard of this place by word of mouth, I had high expectations indeed. I was not in any way disappointed on my evening out in York here. A great place to savour local produce and great British cuisine, with a great selection of wines.

Chef Jeff Baker - Have high expectations, you wont be disappointed

From my own knowledge of the chef Jeff Baker, I knew that delights were in store for me on my first visit. The Michelin starred chef has cooked for the queen. He was involved with the great, but now closed, Poole Court in Leeds. Surely he was going to delight my taste buds I thought. In fact, the short taxi run to Fossgate from my York home was one of the few where my mouth was watering long before I arrived.

Not quite ready at 6pm with good reason

When we found the restaurant at the town end / top of Fossgate the initial impression was a bit of a surprise. Opening at 6pm to me usually meant they were ready for you. This seeming was not quite the case. As when we entered we were greeted by a man with a mop and bucket. Not the most usual of restaurant receptions. Once an initial enquiry had been made, the lady who showed us to our table explained.

"We have just had a late delivery and there was a small spillage. Sorry.

Good news, I thought. Not only is it fresh produce but, it is delivered to the door just before opening.


There was light modern music playing. It was a bit loud for my tastes but, as more people arrived, it did become more subdued. The decor was very modern and chic. Nothing over the top and not quite minimalist either. It left you feeling comfortable.


A quick look, at the comprehensive wine menu, made it obvious they knew what they were doing. They had 3 white and 3 red available, by the glass. This meant we were able to sample plenty of good wines without having to order a full bottle. The selection included wines from all over Europe. Plus some interesting American wines and a good choice from the new world. Also available were a choice of Rose and sparkling.


The menu itself looked good. All the dishes sounded appetizing. It seemed a bit short on choice but, this meant that the chef is not playing jack of all trades. He was producing things he knows well. He would not be stressed out by 100 different dishes to produce on the night.


The starter I chose was a rabbit ravioli. As I had not had rabbit for years, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity. Also we went for a glass of the Sicilian Red wine they had on offer. The birthday boy, my friend Roger, went for a simple English salad with, wait for it, real salad cream. As this was his 60+ birthday, it would be the salad cream that tempted him I am sure. Although very modern they still had something to appeal to the war babies out there. <winks at Roger if he reads this>.

These were both delightful. The salad was crisp and fresh and to his delight the salad cream WAS real. Freshly made and tasty to his palate. My ravioli was great. The rabbit was very tasty, in the smooth creamy sauce.

Main Course

As an addition to the main menu we were offered 2 fish dishes. One of which sounded divine to me. Turbot with spinach, a carrot dish and new potatoes. That's what I opted for as a main course. Roger had a pork dish with a black pudding, Scotch quails egg.

Both of these were splendid productions. The pork was cooked well and the Scotch egg was a real delight. I just wish there had been 2 of them so that I could have got a whole one!

My turbot was delicious. Probably the best piece of fish I had tasted in years. Fresh and tasty. With it not being covered up in a dominating sauce, the fish flavour really came through. The carrots were a bit of a surprise. They were cool and not hot. This made a good contrast to the rest of the meal. The spinach was very tasty and was perfectly cooked. I got some of the still crisp texture of the fresh baby spinach. The potatoes were very fluffy and tasty. All round, a great main course.

The puddings and Amaretto (Italian almond liqueur) were also a delight.

I really could go on for ages about this "Bistro Moderne". The experience here was truly imaginative and special. However, I think you will have got the idea that I would and will recommend this establishment to all my friends. A very good night out, some great food and splendid service.

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

J Baker's Bistro Moderne
7 Fossgate York
Telephone: 01904 622688

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