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Another one bites the dust! I really cant iamgine why this member of what is a popular restaurant chain closed. Yet 6th February 2016 or 7th February 2016, depending who you talk to, it has done. Not many complaints about this one, it was well frequented and well liked. The only thing I can imagine was the issue was the chain was bought by new owners last year.

Five star rating imageRuth Kilcline tells us: I have had several meals here and will be going again for our anniversary at the beginning of August. I have never been disappointed by anything here. They have beautiful food and a great atmosphere. What a lovely restaurant!

Five star rating imageSteve says: We had a top night in La Tasca in York. Myself & my partner enjoyed a fantastic meal with super service. We would both recommend it to anyone, not only the York venue but also the Sheffield (Eccelsall Rd.) one too. May i also say the waitress (Alice) who served us was great & also informative, with information regarding the nightlife. A godsend when your not a local!

Four star rating imageJosephnia emailed us saying: This is a very good place. Such polite staff and the food was magnificent.

Three star rating imageWebmasters review: Having been to this restaurant many times I can say if you like Spanish food, you will like La Tasca. It is part of a group of restaurants and I have visited one other that was very similar. That being, nice Spanish feel to it, good Spanish cuisine that is well cooked and presented. I have never had a bad meal or bad service at the York version. Choosing to have a meal here makes for a good all round night out, for you and all your friends. As an additional note to my friend John, it should be added that booking in advance is advantageous (waves to John if he reads this).

Its 3pm and I forgot about lunch. I'm hungry. So I look for somewhere to eat in the middle of town. I went first to a Greek place that said they had stopped serving for lunch and then down a snicket and round the corner to find La Tasca. I opened the door and the effect was just one of WOW! How did I not know about this place?

In for a light lunch

I wasn't there for a full meal just a couple of dishes would be enough. Had a look at a good range of tapas and paella dishes then decided. Chicken Croquets with garlic mayonnaise and some Aubergines in a tomato based sauce.


Subdued lighting and candles on an afternoon was quite nice and the decor gave the place a good Spanish feel. Good latin music all around and the atmosphere was basically set for a quick bite of Spanish culture in York. I have got to say that it was really a nice looking place. Presentation means a lot and this place has some style.


I had a drink while waiting. Reading the menu further I noticed 3 different types of Rioja (a spanish wine) on the menu and one reserve. This I am partial to I must admit, so I will be back for an evening meal here to try it.


Food arrived and was hot but not tongue singeing. Croquets were well cooked, crisp, with a nice flavour to them. The garlic mayo smelt and tasted of garlic .. which does make quite a change from the norm. Being England most garlic dishes seem to have a clove waved at them and that's about it. However, this stuff was rather nice think they must have made it in house. Salad it came with was a little disappointing but edible. The aubergines were a nice vegetarian option and were quite tasty as well. To be honest the food wasn't really up to the standard of the decor and atmosphere, but, it was not bad.

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La Tasca York
21 Back Swinegate, York
Telephone: 01904 521100

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