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One star rating imagePam says: Staff were too busy talking to care about customers and the manager was very rude and unconcerned that we had waited forever for someone to see to us, too busy chatting to one of his staff and calling customers when they left. No-one asked if we wanted anything at all!! We were just left to try and catch the eye of any member of staff that passed by us. We truly felt in the way and that everything was a bother to them.

The food was dried up and very tasteless, they ran out of yorkshire puddings and we were left to stand in a queue with our dinners while our food got cold because no-one was there to go fetch any. Unbelievable! The poor girl who was doing everything herself had to go run into kitchen to fetch them herself.We will NEVER venture to this place ever again and if you have any sense you wont waste your money in a place that is clearly not going to survive for very much longer.

Used to love Russells years ago , but this place is not the Russels I used to know , due to the very poor staff , very bad service and horrible food (note worst roast potatoes ever )they just looked and tasted like hard chips

One star rating imageSandie L tells us: We always used to eat in this restaurant. However at our last visit, for my 50th birthday, we found that the vegetables had run out. Therefore there was little selection. Also the meat was dry and we were overcharged, so had to query the bill. There was no apology from them either. I wrote to the restaurant and they ignored my letter. I am disabled, and was looking forward to this treat for my birthday. Won't be going again.

Webmasters comments: Russell's is one of the few restaurants based on classic English cuisine in York. Simple but fulfilling meat, potatoes and veg it is a carvery. Usually on offer are 3 or 4 types of roast meat, pork, lamb and beef, with a turkey option on some occasions. They have many different vegetables and 2 or 3 types of potato dish, to go along with your main feature.

Patricia Evans sent this splendid review about this carvery to us: As a birthday treat, my husband took me to York for a long weekend, as he knows it's my favourite place in the world! On my actual birthday ( a Saturday in July ) he took me to Russells for a meal. It was sumptuous. The meat was so tender that you felt guilty eating it, the veg was fresh and al-dente. The staff were lovely. Everything about it was splendid. The best birthday gift ever. This weekend is our daughter's 21st and guess where we're taking her. I can't wait.

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Russell's Restaurant
26, Coppergate, York, YO1 9NR
Telephone: 01904 644330

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