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Yvonne Russell emailed in to say : Yes I know I have the same surname, but NO relation. My friend and I used both the restaurant in York last week while on a break in the city. We found them both to be excellent even though a little over priced. The service was very good and the food was great. The only complaint to make was I asked if I could buy two of the place mats, but was not able to.

Webmasters Review: Russell's is one of the few english food serving places to eat in York. The Stonegate restaurant has a selection of nice looking dishes on the menu and a carvery which usually has 3 or 4 different meats available for you to choose from as well as a fine selection of vegetables and your traditional roast potatoes mash and gravy.

At a nice location, right in the middle of the old city, but must say I was a little disappointed the last time i went in. Seating was a little cramped, the meats on the carvery were left far to long un-based and thus were dry. The chinese waitress had difficulty understanding what we wanted and difficulty speaking english really. A poor show in my opinion for what is an expensive meal you could pick up in a pub for a fiver a head on a Sunday dinner time.

Philip Kember send us in the review: Russells Restaurants. Their product is the worst example of a corporate swing on a much loved English institution. Namely the Carvery. Their idea on carvery took all the fun and experience away from the evening and will have given any foreign visitors an altogether dreadful picture of the English generosity of spirit. Why is their product so bad you may ask? Firstly, excessive cost for the 3 and 1 meat options. Secondly, three meats not available at the standard rate as the fun of the carvery is the freedom of choice. Thirdly, extremely unimaginative preparation of vegetables. Altogether a disappointing experience.

Stu street told us: A thouroughly disappointing experience and will NEVER go back. Small plates, potatoes that look and taste like oven ready packet potatoes, tasteless veg, watery gravey, undercooked Yorkshire Puddings and only only get to help yourself to the minor veg (peas,carrots). You can't even have any more gravy than the pityful blog they put on the side of the plate. This on its own is bad enough, but then when I was handed the bill I honestly thought I was accidentally charged double for the cost of the meal.

Russells Restaurant
34 Stonegate York YO1 8AS

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