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Two star rating imageKevin tells us: This restaurant was reopened with the original owner, after which it is named, having some form of input again. Unfortunately the service and food was not good at all. I love my liver when it is done properly. I ordered it hear and was asked "How would you like it cooked?". So I asked for it slightly pink.

When my dish was brought to me it was thinly sliced liver in the "make less look like more" style on the plate and was cooked as best they could considering. As in it was not tough as old boots but it was by no means pink as requested.

So, we requested to talk to the manager and was told by the surly lady at the bar that all the chefs had gone home as had the manager. We were NOT impressed. So we had a word with the bar lady who claimed to be Italian about liver. Her tone of voice and manner left much to be desired as she told us "This is how we cook liver in Italy!". My reply was simply to ask "If you had a lovely piece of steak, would you also slice it thinly and cook it so you couldn't tell if was rare medium of well done?". A simple "No." was all that came back and we left.

The fact remains that the coffees with Amaretto in were the highlight of this meal. This should never be the case IMHO.

Two star rating imageDunot tells us: It isn't a family restaurant any more, standards haven't improved or the quality of food served. Steak was as tough as shoe leather. A waste of money in my opinion. Such a pity.

Three star rating imageReview by Kevin Ireson: A nicely placed Italian restaurant in York, down towards the river. A recommendation brought me in here on a quiet Friday night with a few friends. We started out just across the road at Oscar's Wine Bar for a drink and then came in here for a meal.

This is not the best Italian meal I have had in York but, they did try. It was obvious that there was some tension in the air among the staff. I must say though this should not have effected our meal. We where there in good faith to enjoy what we hoped would be nice meal. It just turned out to be "OK" in the end.

Staffing Issues

There were a group of 5 of us. All ordering wine, starters, main courses and a desert each.

It didn't start out well. An older member of staff was quite stroppy to start with. A younger waiter, who could well pass as the owners son, made up for it with a very pleasant demeanour. We ordered and then were unhurried in our meal as the place was not full.

Not as On the Menu

When the starter came it was not a good one. The two ladies we were with had ordered a specific prawn Italian dish from the menu, that was to come in an avocado. What arrived was basically a prawn cocktail in an avocado. Unfortunately for the staff, this was picked up immediately and the misrepresentation was removed from our bill. Nice of them but, uncalled for in the first place. Better in my mind if you get what you have ordered not what they have decided to produce instead.

Our main courses were fine. The Wine was good as were the deserts. Even the grumpy old guy from earlier started to get in a better mood as the evening went on. A few mistakes but I will try it again and see how they fair on a busy night

Sam Lewis wrote in to tell us: This place has unfriendly staff the food was / is good but the general feeling of the place is not good to much in fighting.{from staff}.

Kevin Ireson comments: I am afraid I have to agree with Sam. This type of thing does tend to happen in family run restaurants. There is a lot of interaction between the staff, who with the hot Euro temperament, are telling each other what they think of each other, in their own language. They don't seem to take account of the atmosphere they are creating around them. More to the point the effect it is having on their customers when trying to enjoy a meal. The sauces that you can get in this place can be amazing but ...

One star rating imageGemma & Ben We had heard good reviews of the food and that's why we'd booked. We arrived and the place was empty, (which we'd expected on a sunday teatime).

Service here did not start well for us. Firstly, we were served a basket of sliced bread (instead of rolls) and butter squares which had all melted. Service was quick but we were not impressed with what was to come. Secondly our pizza's were stone cold and missing their tomato base. They were just cheese ham and onions, served on cold plates. I've never tasted anything so bland in my whole life. The only 'OK' thing was the chips, which were hot. I wouldn't go back, even if you paid me.

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Silvanos Restaurant
1 Micklegate, York
Telephone: 01904 622737

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