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Review by Kevin Ireson: This York restaurant is in the Royal York Hotel, on Station Road next to York Railway station. It is open to both the general public and hotel residents. The menu has a varied selection of dishes and a good selection of wines. Courteous and professional staff allow a good meal in great surroundings to go smoothly. A great place of you like good wine, good food and a great place to eat in. The room itself is so vast and splendid, you will want to come here again and again.

The first time I ate here, I was firstly impressed when I walked into the restaurant by the size of the room. There was a nice ornate feel to the place. The paintings on the wall gave it a little je ne c'est qua. The room has an air similar to the Lord Mayor's house in York. That being one of quality and an optical illusion where its size is concerned. If you do get opportunity to walk around the room, you will understand how vast it actually is.


Having booked the table the very courteous head waiter was there to see us to our table and give us the menus. Unhurried by the staff we were able to comfortably make our choices from a wide selection of English and European dishes. Staff were attentive and were there to take our order after a simple glance. Later while enjoying the well presented food and a good wine they even managed to anticipate our requirement for both water and extra vegetables before we had to ask.

This is one of the better meals I have had in York. The atmosphere here tells you you are in the Royal York hotel. I have been back since and will return. They have a good selection of good food and a fine selection of fine wines.

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