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One star rating imageNeil tells us: A major disappointment. Tried to book for 7:30, was told straight out that they couldn't do 7:30, end of sentence. Questionned the guy what time they could do, he sighed, put me on hold, came back and told me he could do 7pm but there was a large party in later on. I should have known then not to go, but we went anyway.

We were tucked away in a back room with overbearing waitresses checking on us constantly. The menu was limited, with our first choice of scallops being off the menu. The steaks were gristly, and when we brought this up with the waitress she said it was because we went for the cheaper steaks. Except we hadn't, and she looked surprised and said she'd tell the chef. We didn't stay for dessert, we couldn't take any more poor food, Bon Jovi music blaring out and poor service. Of course, there was no sign of a large party at the restaurant that night. 60 quid wasted. I cannot stress strongly enough: do not go to this restaurant.

Two star rating imageKay emailed us to say: Unknown to us, my boyfriends ex worked here as a waitress. She came over as very very arrogant. When we had started our meal, she came and blew our candle out and started hurling abusive comments at us. She even told me I had frizzy hair! I would stay away from this place. Especially if you have frizzy hair and don't want to be insulted on a night out!

GL emailed a review saying: Quite expensive but well cooked food, whole sea bass looked especially good and fellow diner advised was one of the best he'd ever had. Very expensive wine list - house wine �16.95 nearly all others over �20. The smallest lamb shank I've ever had with only 2 smallish pieces of meat on it (for 17.95!) - an absolute disgrace-avoid this dish and you will eat well.

The Tonsure tells us: We have been in a couple of times and really rate it as the best steak house in the city.

Not cheap but still good value for money

If you asked me to pay twenty quid for literally a piece of steak on a plate my first question would be - In the waterfront or anywhere else?

If it was the waterfront then i'll call at the bank on the way down. Not the cheapest place in York but, by far the best steak restaurant in the county, and i can live on steak! A meal minus starters (too big to relish the sumptuous steak) for two with an excellent bottle of wine is around the sixty pound mark.

I don't particularly like fish but i specifically had fish a second time because the place is that good.

Steak cooked properly

If you like your steaks mutilated and cremated STAY AWAY. A line on the menu says "will not cook a fillet well done", medium at worst. Best to try them rare, they just melt. The menu is what a posh review would call limited, I say it is specialised. Which is better? A million items of sustenance or a select few that can nearly reduce you to tears. Yes it is that good. GO THERE NOW. Put it on your to do list, the 101 things to do before you die.

The decor is very classy cream and deep red, with a slight 30s influence. The lighting low and moody. This made for quite a romantic experience.

Next time we visit York, this is the first restaurant on our agenda.

Please mention Hotels in York website when you call. Thanks.

5 Kings Staith, York, YO1 9SN.
Telephone: 01904 671108

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